The Transformers Return In A New Game For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, And PC

Megatron is closing in on the Allspark, and the Autobots want your assist to guard it. In Transformers: Battlegrounds the battle for the Allspark stretches from Cybertron to Central City. This surprising return to top-of-the-line toy manufacturers on this planet is coming from developer Coatsink, the studio behind Shadow Point and Get Packed, and writer Outright Games, which not too long ago launched Jumani: The Video Game.

Little is understood about Transformers: Battlegrounds, however Outright Games lists it as a “tactical warfare.” The trailer begins with a large view of the town, however zooms in on the finish, maybe exhibiting fights will probably be one-on-one. You’ll have the ability to assemble a squad. In the trailer and screenshots, we see a couple of Autobots which can be within the recreation: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Arcee, and Windblade. Outright additionally says gamers will have the ability to battle one another via the “local multiplayer arcade.”


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