Shenmue III Gets Much Needed Skip Conversation Option And Other Fixes

Talking to villagers in Shenmue III generally is a time consuming and generally complicated course of. In patch 1.04, developer Ys Net is taking a number of the chunk out of those talks. Players can now skip the preliminary dialog with a villager. If you need to velocity issues up or discuss to somebody for a second time, you do not have to listen to in regards to the items they’re promoting or how their day goes. With the skip possibility, Ryo cuts to the chase and asks his query. 

The patch, which is out right now for PlayStation four and PC, additionally addresses subtitle typos, minigame bugs, environmental collision, and ability balancing.

In addition to cleansing up the sport, Ys Net launched the Battle Rally DLC, which sees Ryo Hazuki, Wei Zhen, and Ren Wuying competing as they race alongside a course. If you place in first, you might be rewarded with objects. To begin the DLC, you’ll first have to succeed in Niaowu within the core recreation. The DLC retails for 7.99.

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