Salt And Sacrifice Brings The Soul To Summer Game Fest

The makers of the wonderful Salt and Sanctuary over at Ska Studios appear to be returning for a brand new venture in the identical vein, entitled Salt and Sacrifice.

Like its predecessor, Salt and Sacrifice attracts on a few of the darkish and gothic tones of the Dark Souls universe, in addition to a few of the identical difficult gameplay, however in a 2D sidescrolling setting. However, it’s unclear if Salt and Sacrifice is a real sequel, because it duties gamers with a really particular mission – searching down mages.

In the reveal trailer, we see the custom-made and created participant character combating quite a lot of mammoth enemies and utilizing numerous weapons to confront their foes. By ingesting a concoction referred to as magebane they turn into a marked inquisitor, who’s is now tasked with the only job of taking out mages.

Salt and Sacrifice is focusing on launch in 2022 on PS5 and PS4. We can’t wait to be taught extra, as Salt and Sanctuary earned our excessive reward upon its launch in 2016.

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