Ninja-Friend Duo Wins A Hero Rises 2021

The Fire Emblem Heroes A Hero Rises 2021 Voting Gauntlet is over, and Lyn: Ninja-Friend Duo gained. The official Twitter account posted the outcomes following the tip of battles on March 4, 2021. Seiros: Saint of Legend was the runner-up unit who additionally made it to the finals.

As for Lyn: Ninja-Friend Duo, the hero is a reasonably current Fire Emblem Heroes addition. She joined the roster within the November 2020 In the Moment banner. That took quite a few characters from totally different entries and solid them as ninja. She’s paired with Florina, her Pegasus Knight finest pal from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. She’s a flying colorless unit that makes use of daggers. (Or, on this case extra particularly, a Tailwind Shuriken.)

People who have been hoping for one of many different candidates within the occasion can have an opportunity. Four of the opposite eight will seem in an upcoming banner. The official Twitter account confirmed a summoning occasion with finalists Corrin: Child of Dusk, Dimitri: Savior King, Lyn: Ninja-Friend Duo, and Seiros: Saint of Legends.

Fire Emblem Heroes is out there for Android and Apple iOS gadgets. Every participant will get Lyn: Ninja-Friend Duo on March 11, 2021 on account of the A Hero Rises 2021 occasion.

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