New Identity V Hunter Naiad is a Debuff and Trap Master

On June 1, 2021, the official Identity V Twitter teased the brand new hunter, Naiad. And on June 3, they posted a video detailing Naiad’s backstory. Now, the Chinese server has proven off simply how Naiad will play in-game. She is a troublesome and technical character to play, counting on debuffing and trapping Survivors with water.

On Identity V Community, a video exhibiting off her exterior and inside traits, in addition to her presence expertise, is out there. However, the descriptors within the video are all in Chinese. In abstract, she works by trapping Survivors inside a circle of abysses, that are created every time she walks. Naiad gamers might want to discover a method to loop round a Survivor with out them escaping first. When they’re inside the Water Abyss, the moisture debuff will get utilized to them.

The moisture debuff is the bread and butter for Naiad. It slows down a character’s interplay, decoding, and exit gate opening pace. When moisture accumulates and reaches 100%, an underwater creature will chunk the survivor for harm equal to a regular assault.

Similar to Wu Chang, Naiad can throw her harpoon. Though she can’t work together with something with out it, her motion pace will increase by 30%. One of her presence expertise permits her to cost at a survivor and apply a heavy moisture debuff. It doesn’t trigger harm.

Identity V is presently working a Death Note collaboration. Players can get hold of skins for Lawyer, “Prisoner,” and Mechanic impressed, respectively, by Light, L, and Misa. The collaboration occasion lasts till June 24, 2021. When Naiad will seem in Identity V for gamers to acquire is unknown. The final new character, Toy Merchant, appeared with the beginning of the brand new season.

Identity V is out there on cellular units and Windows PC.

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