New Fire Emblem Heroes Book 5 Characters Include Palla and Nótt

Fire Emblem Heroes has two new trailers exhibiting off occasions in Book 5 together with new characters. The new heroes might be variants of Palla, Zeke, Luthier, and Mythic Hero Nótt. Additionally, the cellular title’s newest film, “The False Monarch,” depicts a bodily and emotionally intense battle with the true villain behind all of it.

Kind, Eldest Sister Palla from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia will be a part of the roster on her pegasus. She is a flying unit and a sword person with the abilities Ladyblade, Rally Atk Def+, R Duel Flying 4, and Atk Res Rein 3.

Next up is Past Unknown Zeke from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. He is a cavalry unit and a spear person. His expertise embrace Holy Gradivus, Bonfire, Atk Def Catch 4, Lull Atk Def 3, and Def Res Menace.

Odd Wayfarer Luthier additionally from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia rounds out the spellcasting among the many new heroes. He is an infantry unit and inexperienced tome person. His learnable expertise are Gronnfox+, Glimmer, Swift Sparrow 2, and Guard 3.

Lastly is the Mythic Hero Moon’s Elegance Nótt. She can also be an infantry unit, and she wields a spear. Her expertise are Hrímfaxi, Dragon Fang, Distant Counter, Moon-Twin Wing, and Atk Spd Menace. This fearsome and muscular hero was first talked about in “Velthomer Brothers” and appeared in “Overcoming Differences.”

The Book 5 film “The False Monarch” exhibits Ótr, Fáfnir, Reginn, and Alfonse in a gripping battle. The primary villain Eitri additionally makes a mischievous look at each the start and finish.

Fire Emblem Heroes, its Book 5 marketing campaign and the brand new characters are all accessible on iOS and Android gadgets. Check out the earlier film to remain caught up on the story.

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