Naughty Dog Shows Tantalizing New Glimpse At The Last Of Us Part II

Naughty Dog vice chairman Neil Druckmann narrated a brand new take a look at The Last Of Us Part II, providing some in-depth particulars about how the sport performs.

Part II picks up the story a number of years after the top of the primary recreation, when Ellie and Joel have settled in a protected neighborhood in Jackson, Wyoming. Ellie is now 19, and simply as she is starting to collect a life for herself, catastrophe strikes in a type that that may possible wait till the sport’s launch to find. Ellie units out alone in pursuit of retribution and justice.

While the sport contains assorted locales together with snowy areas close to Jackson and luxurious forest zones within the Pacific Northwest, the majority of the story is instructed within the previous quarantine zone of Seattle. There, we see that Ellie has a number of latest navigation choices, together with leaping gaps, and utilizing ropes to swing to new platforms or for tactically bypassing enemies. She additionally recurrently makes use of horseback using and a motorboat to get round.

Seattle is a warzone between competing factions. The Washington Liberation Front (WLF) is without doubt one of the two factions, made up of militaristic and well-equipped troopers who usually use guard canines to trace down their targets. The different main human faction are the tribalistic Seraphites, or Scars, who ritualistically scar their our bodies and faces, and use extra stealth-oriented fight strategies.

In addition, the Infected additionally fill the realm, together with previous and acquainted sorts from the earlier recreation, like Clickers, Runners, and Stalkers, together with new sorts, just like the armored Shamblers, which explode after they come close to.

To navigate all these threats, Ellie has new choices for navigating encounters, together with hiding in tall grass, breaking glass to open up new paths, and crawling via tight areas. She additionally has a big selection of crafting and customization choices for her gear and weapons, and after utilizing a workbench, her gadgets replicate the adjustments of their beauty look. She’ll even have allies that assist out in a battle. Whether it’s her, or her mates, the takedowns exhibited reveal that Naughty Dog is definitely not shying away from brutal, harsh violence. Ellie’s battles are visceral and sometimes grotesque.

After strolling us via a number of the particulars, the State of Play presentation opened up right into a single uninterrupted gameplay sequence.

We see Ellie swimming in a forested space with the town within the background. She is being hunted.

She swims underwater and emerges in an industrial basement of some type, swimming up behind seemingly helpless enemy girl, extracting information on the girl she’s looking for, after which killing her when the girl pulls a knife. Ellie climbs out into the open, into the grounds of what seems to be a hospital. She kills some extra of her foes on her path via the realm, staying stealthy for a time earlier than the alarm is raised. She preps a Molotov cocktail after which flings it down onto a passing guard and canine, after which makes a run for it. By utilizing her final recognized location as a reference, she sneaks behind but extra of her foes and mercilessly drops them. After some brutal throwdowns utilizing quite a lot of weaponry, she blocks off a stairway, and reaches her goal – the higher space of the hospital. Climbing via some air ducts, she ultimately tracks down the woman she’s searching for – Nora – they usually acknowledge one another, presumably from a dramatic occasion earlier within the recreation. And then the demo fades out.

From this 20-minute presentation, Naughty Dog clarifies a lot of what we already anticipated from the sport. That is to say, the know-how on show is outstanding, the stress and intense violence in encounters is tough to look at, and the storytelling is taut and thrilling. It’s nice to see extra of the sport in motion. And except the acute violence is greater than you need out of your video games nowadays, there’s each cause to count on that the excessive caliber we’ve come to count on from each the studio and the franchise are on observe to proceed with this new recreation.

The Last of Us Part II launches June 19 on PlayStation 4. 

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