Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Review – Well-Worn Fanservice

For many, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a revelation. Nintendo well rethought previous conventions and delivered an journey that felt new whereas holding true to the spirit of the collection. I put nearly 200 hours into Nintendo’s open-world epic, and after I’d put the controller down for the final time, I used to be hungry for much more. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity delivers that “even more” whereas we watch for the true sequel. It’s removed from a revelation, however it’s an sufficient diversion.

Like the unique Hyrule Warriors from 2014, Age of Calamity depends closely on developer Omega Force’s Dynasty Warriors formulation. Link and his fellow Hyruleans drop into sprawling battlefields and carve their approach via armies of a whole bunch as they take over enemy encampments and finally flip the tide of struggle. The motion is a bit monotonous, and I accomplished a number of fight encounters by spamming the essential assault button. Occasionally, I’d throw a heavy assault within the combine simply to vary it up, however that was hardly ever needed. 


Age of Calamity will get extra attention-grabbing when you encounter a squad chief. Unlike enemy grunts who fade to mud after three or 4 hits, leaders have well being bars and require a bit extra technique. Link is provided with a Sheikah Slate that lets him unleash a collection of Rune assaults just like Breath of the Wild. For instance, you possibly can freeze enemies with a stasis means, after which slash at them along with your sword. Alternatively, you possibly can defend your self from highly effective assaults with big blocks of ice. These Rune powers shake-up Hyrule Warriors’ in any other case stale fight. Moreover, some enemies are particularly vulnerable to Link’s Rune talents, so in case you time your strikes, you possibly can set them up for a fast end. I particularly liked tossing a bomb in an enemy’s face as they had been winding up for a giant assault.  

Link is a well-rounded hero, however he’s joined however some equally succesful allies. During your journey, you unlock extra playable characters, such because the Ninja-like Impa and all 4 Divine Beast champions featured in Breath of the Wild. All of these heroes carry out largely the identical, however they’ve one or two particular talents that set them aside. I loved chaining collectively electrical assaults as Urbosa, and lobbing explosive chunks of magma throughout the battlefield as Daruk the Goron. On missions the place you’ve a number of heroes on the battlefield, you possibly can freely swap between them and even problem instructions to your allies. While I appreciated having the ability to inform my heroes the place to direct their efforts, the sport would not make use of this characteristic in a significant approach. I by no means felt inspired to consider hero positioning or technique, which looks like a missed alternative. 

Between battles, Link and his crew return to a Sheikah tower the place they’re introduced with a map of Hyrule. This is similar map from Breath of the Wild, which is a pleasant contact. During this downtime, you possibly can improve your weapons, purchase gadgets, or full facet missions. These quests are extremely easy – nearly trivial – and sometimes have you ever delivering varied sources to individuals throughout Hyrule. Completing these quests isn’t very satisfying, however it opens up new retailers and generally unlocks new combos to your characters so it feels price taking a couple of further minutes to scrub them off the map. These facet missions supply a wanted break from Hyrule Warriors’ motion, however the missions are so shallow they do not add something noteworthy. 

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity appears to be like so much like Breath of the Wild, however it lacks the exploration and puzzle-solving parts that outline the mainline Legend of Zelda collection. Age of Calamity could not resemble a conventional Zelda sport, however it’s not a foul time. The motion is repetitive, but in addition relaxed and comfy. It trades in your love for Nintendo’s traditional franchise, and I used to be glad for the excuse to return to this model of Hyrule. I nonetheless really feel like I’m chasing Breath of the Wild’s excessive, and Age of Calamity is a small solace. 

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Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity Review

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