FFVII The First Soldier Adds a Little Final Fantasy to a Battle Royale

As you may anticipate, Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier seems to be and performs like a battle royale. You’re dropping from Shinra helicopters into the slums beneath Midgar’s plates. (Where are all of the individuals who usually could be there? Who is aware of?) The colour palette is decidedly muted and contains all of the sepia variants, which is sensible given the realm. 75 gamers go in, and just one comes out. But it’s the little issues that counsel the ultimate recreation recreation may have the appropriate “flavor.”

To begin, a number of the introductory components within the FFVII The First Soldier closed beta assist make issues really feel extra believable. Instead of random warriors combating for glory, this Final Fantasy battle royale is a prequel that casts everybody as a SOLDIER candidate. Which is sensible, given the installment at all times famous how aggressive the choice course of is. To additional that, earlier than you head into a map, you select your class. The tutorial casts you as a Warrior, making you a sword wielder alongside the traces of Zack Fair or Cloud Strife. But individuals may additionally select to be a Monk, Ranger, or Sorcerer, permitting for various approaches to coping with different gamers and monsters.

ffvii the first soldier final fantasy battle royale

Yes, monsters are current. As you go across the map, you could run throughout issues creatures like Bombs, Cerulean Drakes, or Hedgehog Pies. These may be fought to enhance your stage and enhance your energy. Which means should you run into one other SOLDIER candidate within the subject, even should you each go in with no materia, no weapons, and solely your default weapon, you could possibly merely overpower them.

You’ll discover I discussed materia there. As you may anticipate from a Final Fantasy battle royale, FFVII The First Soldier does supply magic. But you don’t drop into the sphere with it. Rather, you drop in with nothing and have to hope that the empty houses you discover, treasure chests you discover, or provide drop you declare might need helpful tools. Most typically, you’ll discover weapons, ammo, and equipment. (For instance, an merchandise you equip may present the place monsters are on the map.) But typically, you’ll get materia too. Each one would require a specific amount of fees to use and contain a cooldown. The most invaluable one I discovered would at all times be Cure, which might heal and be a godsend once I was out of potions. But a poisoning Bio assault can be useful. And somebody may additionally use spells like Fire and Thunder to assault.  

ffvii the first soldier final fantasy battle royale

I additionally appreciated how the FFVII The First Soldier closed beta included such acquainted touchpoints in its map. For instance, Aerith’s church is there. (Though, since that is a prequel, it isn’t actually “hers” but.) You can go to Sector 7. Don Corneo’s Mansion is there. (He was nonetheless a drive to be reckoned with even again then?) If you search for, you see the plates of Midgar obscuring your view of the sky. And battle royale staples like bikes and jeep-like autos seem. But additionally, if yow will discover a cease, you may summon a chocobo to trip on this Final Fantasy battle royale. And you may see individuals in Chocobo hoodies in the event that they’ve collected items, opponents is likely to be in chocobo hoodies.

The core of FFVII The First Soldier is that sure, it does really feel a lot like several battle royale already on the market with its give attention to weapons, shrinking maps, and common ambiance, but it surely provides a slight Final Fantasy contact. Once you equip your first materia or summon your first chocobo, it’d begin feeling a bit extra like house. But know that whereas these little touches are there, it does largely really feel extra like a battle royal than any FFVII recreation.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will come to Android and Apple iOS gadgets. Its closed beta runs till June 7, 2021.

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