Dauntless Call of the Void Update Launches June 11

On June 11, the Call of the Void content material replace arrives in Dauntless on Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PC, and Switch. Dauntless is cross-platform, so if you wish to try the new stuff with mates on a distinct platform, you may!

Call of the Void is all about darkness, particularly the void factor and umbral monsters. Players can sort out the Umbral Escalation, a form of randomized gauntlet that locations you in opposition to all types of behemoths from all through the recreation, maybe with an umbral tinge to their movesets.

In Escalation, you get to pick particular skills from encounter to come across, in order that provides much more variance to every run – you by no means know what you would possibly struggle, however you additionally by no means know if you’ll luck out with a uncommon ability. At the finish of this Escalation occasion lies Thrax, an especially harmful umbral entity that strikes quick, hits arduous, and calls upon the void itself (hey, this is perhaps associated to the content material replace title!) to take down adventurers.

Thrax, whereas fairly tough, comes with extremely highly effective potential rewards. Over the course of this content material patch, gamers can develop passive powers as they try to make it via the Umbral Escalation – so even in case you’re not downing Thrax on day one, you earn a gradual trickle of energy that ought to make the gauntlet simpler over time.

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