What The Hell Is Happening In Palworld?

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Yesterday, developer Pocketpair launched a trailer for its upcoming sport Palworld, which describes itself as a “multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game” with some Pokemon-looking companions. Things appear to start out off positive, earlier than the trailer takes a darkish flip.

I don’t need to break the delight of you experiencing this all for your self, so you must actually simply watch the trailer earlier than you retain studying.

At first, the whole lot appears fairly regular! You have some brightly-colored animal buddies you’ll be able to experience round on, and who might help you construct a home, harvest crops, and energy devices. They can combat by your facet, which is a bit more grim than the sport seems at first blush, however OK. But hey, look—you’ll be able to pet the canine! All good right here!

But round 50 seconds into the minute-and-a-half trailer, the nippiness music will get extra intense. We see a participant utilizing a sheep as a protect in a firefight. The sheep, as you would possibly anticipate, could be very sad.

Illustration for article titled What The Hell Is Happening In Palworld?

Screenshot: Pocketpair through YouTube

We then see extra of the sport’s animals in fight, with the participant hurling a fowl at human enemies. Then we see a fowl seeming to have captured some cute little buddies, after which the kicker—a row of unhappy dragon-looking guys engaged on an meeting line, dejectedly placing collectively some very life like weapons. Then we get these depressed monkeys turning a wench within the desert. It’s intense.

According to Palworld’s Steam description, that is a part of the sport’s “Factory and Automation” gameplay, with the builders explaining that “it is important for automation to let Pals do the guide work. Build a manufacturing unit and place Pals in it. They will work eternally so long as they’re fed till the tip of their lifetime.” Emphasis mine, as a result of what the fuck.

On Twitter, gamers are having a subject day with how unexpectedly bonkers this trailer is. Several folks have identified that Palworld appears to be precisely the dystopic animal cruelty simulator PETA claims Pokemon is. Others are making some excellent memes. Cognitive dissonance is just about par for the course in video video games, and lord is aware of Pokemon is fairly darkish if you consider it too onerous, however Palworld’s trailer is on one other stage.

Palworld presently plans to launch in 2022.

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