The Most Viewed Twitch Hot Tub Stream Yet Is Also The Most Cursed

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At this level, there are more parody hot tub streams on Twitch than actual hot tub streams—a lot in order that one now holds the excellence of being essentially the most considered sizzling tub stream of all time. Credit the place credit score’s due, although: Minecraft megastar George “GeorgeNotFound’’ Davidson no less than went out of his technique to make his tackle tub boy summer time as viscerally upsetting as attainable.

Yesterday night, Davidson went reside with what he referred to as an “EPIC HOT TUB STREAM.” At its peak, the weird spectacle managed to tug in nearly 400,000 concurrent viewers, obliterating a document of over 100,000 beforehand held by Imane “Pokimane” Anys and the rest of the immensely popular OfflineTV streamer cohort—themselves additionally not really sizzling tub streamers. For comparability’s sake, the most important streamer who frequently participates within the sizzling tub meta, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, usually peaks at round 20,000 concurrent viewers together with her sizzling tub streams.

Davidson’s tub was by some means a step down from the comparatively cheap inflatable tubs that have come to characterize the meta, composed of a PVC pipe scaffolding and a physique that appeared like the within of a discarded air mattress. It was additionally indoors, sitting atop a skinny patch of plastic protecting a carpet. As it stuffed with water coming from a skinny tube that appeared to be hooked up to a sink in one other room, Davidson arrange a prize wheel with stunts like “egg on head,” “eyebrow slit,” and “outfit change”—the latter a reference to some precise sizzling tub streamers who frequently go off-screen and alter swimsuits throughout their broadcasts.

After bantering (by way of a name) with buddies like fellow Twitch and YouTube star Quackity, Davidson lastly slipped into the bathtub. Fully clothed. With his socks on. It damage to look at, however he had an almost-reasonable justification for it.

“Yeah I’m getting in with socks,” Davidson stated, “because you know how the internet is, Quackity, with sockless feet.”

Shortly after getting in, Davidson spun the wheel and landed on “outfit change,” that means he instantly needed to get out. When he returned, he was carrying a taco cat swimsuit over his damp sweats and socks. Subsequent wheel spins pressured him to moist his hair and drink a number of the tub water.

Eventually, Davidson bought to the primary occasion of his dip within the sizzling tub meta’s shallow waters: a product announcement. In entrance of tons of of 1000’s of confused however amused viewers, he debuted a brand new merch retailer, which included hoodies, wristbands, and stickers. The latter got here in useful when it grew to become obvious that his extraordinarily jank sizzling tub was leaking; he slapped a sticker on its inside lining, and it perhaps slowed the leak. Or it did nothing.

Davidson continued to stream after debuting the merch, with the prize wheel forcing him to make a really painful prank name to fellow Minecraft star TommyInnit, through which he took issues within the “too real” path of chastising his fellow Dream SMP roleplay server member for phoning it in on the lore entrance.

Another outfit change, nevertheless, took the published down a really deranged path. Davidson returned not with new garments, however as a substitute a handful of Coca-Cola cans. One by one, he cracked them open. Then he picked all of them up without delay and poured them into the bathtub. The ensuing combination of stale bathwater, human sweat, Coke, and Diet Coke appeared like one thing you’d discover in a moldy mop bucket.

“Drink the water now,” stated one other streamer on a name with Davidson.

He didn’t do this, however he did understand that he’d created a reasonably critical dilemma for himself.

“Wait,” stated Davidson, “it’s leaking still.”

But the present went on. After waffling about what to do subsequent, Davidson settled on eggs. He cracked a number of on his head, with the yolks rapidly making their manner into the Coke-tainted bathwater.

Not lengthy after, he concluded the stream, as a result of his physique and thoughts had begun to fail him.

“Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this stream,” he stated. “I can just smell egg, and this is disgusting…I feel, like, sick. I think the bathwater has made me sick. But yeah, guys, go check out the merch.”


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