The Alex Kidd Remake Is Looking Sharp

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Image: Alex Kidd In Miracle World DX

Alex Kidd is certainly one of my earliest console gaming recollections, and I used to be so obsessive about it I used to bug my parents to rent a Sega Master System for the weekend simply so I may play it. So I’m maintaining a really shut eye on the upcoming Alex Kidd in Miracle World remake.


It’s popping out in June on PC, each PlayStations and each Xboxs and the Switch. And it…appears actually good? The Jan-ken-pon sections particularly look nice, and once I needed to lookup the best way to spell that correctly I additionally see that there hasn’t been a brand new Alex Kidd recreation since 1990, so I’m fairly rattling excited to play this.

Fun reality: I learned the word “Ziggurat” from this game.

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