Stylish Murder-Themed Action-Puzzler REDDEN is just 99c Right Now on Android

REDDEN, the ultra-stylish indie sport the place you play as a murderous projectile, is just 99c proper now on Google Play. It usually prices $2.49. 

Released in 2015, REDDEN sees you enjoying not as an murderer however as a lethal object barrelling by the air in the direction of its hapless sufferer. The sport has a particular 2D silhouette art-style, with a tastefully muted palette punctuated by splashes of purple. 

There are numerous completely different projectiles within the sport, from arrows to bullets, and so they all have their very own distinctive historical past and setting. They have an uncommon quantity of agility, too, weaving round obstacles en path to splashdown. 

REDDEN was the recipient of quite a few awards and honorable mentions between 2014 and 2016, and it’s nicely value downloading for 99c. 

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