Resident Evil Village Vs. Resident Evil 4: The Best Merchant

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In one nook, a big, useful man who sells weapons and cooks meals. In the opposite nook, a mysterious determine who has lots of good issues on sale right this moment, stranger. He additionally is perhaps contaminated? It’s time to determine who’s higher: The Duke from Resident Evil Village or The Merchant from RE4.

The Duke and the Merchant serve comparable features of their respective video games. Both males promote and purchase objects, can improve your weapons, and may improve your stock house. They each arrange retailers in several spots of the world, and these areas are sometimes devoid of enemies or threats, offering one other helpful service to the participant: a second to catch your breath.

While they could have loads in widespread and even seem to be friends, that is the web. We can’t simply say two issues are good and transfer on. We have to smash our motion figures collectively like a Marvel Cinematic Universe producer and determine who’s the most effective of the most effective.

(Spoilers for Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4)

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Round 1: Mysterious-ness

While each of those males are mysterious, RE4’s Merchant is the shadier character by far. The Merchant hides his face and by no means shares his title with you. However, you may inform from what little of his face is seen that he’s a Ganado, aka an infected villager. Yet, unusually, he doesn’t appear to hate Leon and even need to assault him. Instead, he sells Leon weapons and extra, in impact betraying his personal form. Maybe he is aware of that the parasite infecting all of the villagers is horrible and he’s serving to to cease the harmful an infection from spreading. Or perhaps he’s a grasping bastard who noticed a possibility to make some cash and took it.

Meanwhile, Village’s Duke can be mysterious, however differently. He isn’t positive of his origin, telling Ethan as a lot in the direction of the top of the sport. While some early ideas and designs of Village had the Duke as one of many recreation’s villainous lords, that’s not canon so far as we all know within the completed recreation. So whereas we see his face and get a title past service provider, ol’ Duke remains to be a little bit of an enigma.

This is a tough class to evaluate, however I’m giving the Merchant from Resident Evil 4 the minor win on this one.

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Round 2: Services Provided

The Merchant exhibits up early into the sport and rapidly establishes himself as the one store in Resident Evil 4. His essential focus is promoting weapons and shopping for treasures. However, as you play Resident Evil 4, Leon will discover shooting ranges that the Merchant runs. Here you may compete for a excessive rating to earn prizes, together with hundreds of {dollars}. It seems the Merchant is a rich man, which isn’t shocking. But past weapons and capturing ranges, the Merchant doesn’t provide a lot else.

Meanwhile, the Duke in Village is the king of extras. The Duke usually supplies Ethan with helpful details about what’s occurring and what to do subsequent. He additionally helps Ethan out instantly a couple of occasions, in a single occasion even saving Ethan after he’s almost killed. Finally, the Duke is a good cook dinner, in a position to whip up a complete host of meals for Ethan that present much-needed bonuses for those who can present the meat and different components. (Hot tip: Don’t sell the meat to the Duke.) Oh and don’t neglect The Duke runs some ball puzzles, too.

While I really like each distributors, the Duke simply wins.

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Round 3: Immortality And Other Quirks

The Merchant in Resident Evil 4 appears to have the flexibility to teleport immediately across the map. You’ll see him in a single spot, then rapidly run to a different space to seek out him ready for you by all his stuff and his blue gentle. Some gamers have theorized that it’s because the Merchant isn’t one individual, however many of us who all look and sound the identical. In most universes, this may be a wild principle, however in Resident Evil, a number of clones aren’t outlandish in any respect. More proof for this principle: You can kill the Merchant. When you do, he’ll nonetheless seem in different components of the map. On decrease difficulties, he’ll even return after you kill him. Hmmm!

The Duke additionally appears to own the flexibility to teleport, although he’s usually seen in a carriage. Perhaps that’s how he will get round so quick. Unlike the Merchant, the Duke is a singular character, referencing previous occasions as Ethan visits his varied retailers. It’s additionally attention-grabbing that the Duke is allowed to freely work and reside throughout the varied castles and retains of every Lord. What type of deal does the Duke have with Lady Dimitrescu? Unlike the Merchant, The Duke is much less fragile; you may toss pipe bombs at him and he doesn’t even flinch. Impressive stuff.

This spherical decides the winner. And I’m going to provide it to… the Duke!

I really like each characters, however the extra I’ve thought of and in contrast the 2 salesmen, the extra I notice that I choose the Duke. He might need some nasty toes, and he is perhaps somewhat suspicious, however he’s a proficient chef and has some nice objects to promote. Plus he supplies you with useful data and infrequently lends Ethan a hand (which Ethan desperately needs.)

If this was a contest purely constructed round who has the higher, extra memorable catchphrases and dialogue, that might go to the Merchant any day of the week. It’s laborious to beat “What’re ya buyin?” and “I’ll buy it at high price!” So maintain on to that, Merchant followers.

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