PUBG Mobile’s Latest Anti-Cheat Measures Include a Replay Review System

The staff behind PUBG Mobile has simply revealed a slate of latest measures aimed toward slapping down cheaters.

These measures handle a vary of unsporting behaviors, comparable to putting in plug-ins, utilizing auto-aim, making use of different hacks, and customarily being a jerk.

Among the dishonest strategies within the PUBG Mobile staff’s sights are “Plug-Ins Z and M” (the names have been modified to stop you from Googling them and turning into a cheater your self).

These plug-ins enable gamers to kill opponents instantly after parachuting, which is clearly messed-up. Jailbroken Android units that allow these plug-ins have been recognized, and their homeowners have been slapped with ten-year bans.

In addition, the anti-cheating strikes have prevented round 20 varieties of auto-aim, with new detection protocols being added on a regular basis. And the Grass Hack has been eradicated.

Most apparently of all, PUBG Mobile is getting a Replay Review System, which can enable gamers to assist the Anti-Cheat staff establish and apprehend turds.

You can obtain PUBG Mobile free of charge proper now on the Google Play Store.

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