Poliwhirl Is Covered In Mucus And Smooth Like A Shark

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Every Pokemon is attention-grabbing and value speaking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, however I do benefit from the universe and I really like studying extra concerning the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Poliwhirl!

Poliwhirl Details

Type: Water

Average Height: 3′ 03″

Average Weight: 44.1 lbs.

First Added In Generation I

Poliwhirl popped into my timeline thanks to this tweet. The extra I have a look at this Pokmon the extra confused I get. And after I dug into its Bulbapedia web page, in search of solutions, I left with extra questions. At this level, I really feel like studying about Pokemon is slowly driving me mad. But not less than I get a weekly weblog publish out of it.

Poliwhirl is a water…animal? Unlike a number of different Pokemon, Poliwhirl isn’t simply describable. Like, if I used to be describing Pikachu to somebody, I would say “Oh he looks like a yellow rat.” But with Poliwhirl…I’m at a loss. If I attempted to clarify this to somebody who had by no means seen it earlier than, I don’t know what I’d say.

“Okay, so it has like…gloved hands? And uh…shit…frog eyes? But it’s blue and oh…boy, it has this giant, weird spiral pattern on its…I want to say stomach. That’s not its mouth, right? Oh shit. Is it? Hold on grandma, I need to look at it again.”

If for some cause you have been questioning, in response to Pokedex entries listed on Bulbapedia, our pal Poliwhirl has tremendous easy spiral-stomach-thing. I’m unsure why that is one thing that must be included in a Pokedex entry, however there we go: Poliwhirl is as smooth as a shark. Oh, and it does use that spiral to trigger folks to get drowsy. It undulates the spiral on its tummy to make it look like shifting and for those who stare at it too lengthy you would possibly simply go to sleep. Of course, nowadays I believe folks would kill to have an animal of their house that may assist them sleep extra.

Random Facts

  • Let’s get this out of the best way: According to Pokedex entries, Poliwhirl is commonly utilized by dad and mom and caregivers to place youngsters to sleep. That’s not bizarre in any respect…
  • It can reside out of water, but it surely prefers to reside in water. When it leaves it covers its pores and skin in mucus to remain hydrated. It additionally makes it very laborious to catch, like a greased pig.
  • Is it sporting gloves? It seems to be prefer it. Is this like a Disney cartoon scenario, the place everyone seems to be simply at all times sporting gloves? You assume any Poliwhirls have ever had this reaction to taking a look at their arms.

Best Comment From Last Week

Whose cranium, although? Pokemon but once more refusing to clarify the place all these bones come from.


There are a number of bones within the Pokemon universe that stay unexplained. But additionally, that’s not even the darkest thriller that must be solved on this freaky franchise.

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