Nvidia GTX GPU Shortage

A mix of pandemic-driven shortages and the planet’s more and more grotesque fascination with crypto-mining means it’s arduous getting your fingers on a brand new graphics card in the meanwhile. And for those who have been questioning simply how arduous, take a look at this lineup—and ensuing crush of humanityexterior a Micro Center retailer in Dallas.

The video beneath, captured by PrestonALewis, goes for 50 minutes, however you’ll solely actually have an interest within the first 5 or so, the place we see an enormous crowd type within the retailer’s car parking zone, earlier than workers emerge to inform all people that just one card per family might be bought.

“Is there going to be enough for all of us?”


Then, when the doorways open (at round 3:55), all hell breaks free.

That just isn’t very secure! Hopefully different shops, and this one going forwards, can work out one thing just a little extra conducive to public security than having a heaving mass huddle in a car parking zone earlier than breaking right into a dash then smashing into each other. I dunno, perhaps that is my British heritage shining via, however some sort of…line?

The previous 12 months have been hell for PC players attempting to improve their system, as a worldwide scarcity of silicon chips has impacted GPU manufacturing. And then, when playing cards are discovering their strategy to market, they’re being snapped up by crypto-miners, who want the superior processing energy to proceed mining their fantasy cash.

This isn’t simply making it arduous to get your fingers on a card, nevertheless it’s driving the worth of accessible playing cards via the roof, so any playing cards that aren’t being purchased by miners or players are being pounced on by resellers, who’re attempting to promote the playing cards on marketplaces for double and even triple their rrp.

What actually sucks is that the silicon chip scarcity isn’t anticipated to finish anytime quickly, nor will the delusion of crypto-mining, so there’s no gentle on the finish of the tunnel for anybody who simply needs to pay retail worth and play some nicer-looking video games.


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