Morrowind Mod Lets You Buy Argonian McNuggets

The golden arches really brighten up the drab Morrowind landscape.

The golden arches actually brighten up the drab Morrowind panorama.
Screenshot: Bethesda / IgnatiousS / Kotaku

McDonald’s is an enormous fast-food empire with 38,695 locations spanning 122 countries. It’s develop into so ubiquitous in the actual world that I’m positive the company would examine franchising alternatives in fictional worlds if it may, even the famously chaotic realm of Tamriel.

A recent The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind mod imagines such a situation, inserting a brand new institution often called McDagoth’s in Balmora. It’s not fairly McDonald’s—even when the brand and uniforms look very very like they have been pulled from real-world eating places—with menu objects just like the Big Guar and Skooma shakes relatively than McRibs and McNuggets.

Asking to speak to a manager is a bit more dangerous when Dagoth Ur handles the timesheets.

Asking to talk to a supervisor is a little more harmful when Dagoth Ur handles the timesheets.
Screenshot: Bethesda / IgnatiousS

I’ve to say, a few of the meals appears, properly, questionable. Like, are the Quarter-Khajiit with Cheese and ‘Gonian Nuggets actually made from those playable species, or just cute names to entice Morrowind’s youngsters? In any case, the mod additionally lets players buy their very own McDagoth’s hat, and a future replace could enable the opening of recent franchises in different cities.

Since its launch in 2002, Morrowind has loved a prolific modding neighborhood that retains the sport recent and important. Adding a McDonald’s parody to one in all its main settlements won’t be on the identical degree as enhancing the graphics or controls, but it surely did make me chuckle.

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