It’s 10 Years Since You First Didn’t Plan To Buy A Wii U

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Cast your minds again, nostalgia followers, to these halcyon early summer time days of June 2011. It was E3, again when individuals met collectively in buildings and when individuals nonetheless cared about E3, that Nintendo revealed the follow-up to their astonishingly widespread Wii console. Yes, as Reggie Fils-Aimé took the stage, that was the very first time you thought, “I don’t think I’ll be getting a Wii U.”

Ever because you stood in line from 10 p.m. on Nov. 19, 2006, for the midnight openings for the Nintendo Wii, you’d puzzled what Nintendo would possibly do subsequent. The actually game-changing Wii had you and your Great Aunt Linda enjoying tennis in the lounge, then point-and-scanning your method by way of Metroid Prime 3 when she lastly fell right into a drunken stupor behind the sofa. And you thought, “Gosh, whatever could follow this?”

Then 5 years later you thought, “Oh.”

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In the 12 months and a half that adopted earlier than launch, you saved checking again, to see if perhaps you’d confused the Wii U reveal with a bizarre dream you had that point you drank an excessive amount of NyQuil. But no, it actually did have that second tiny display screen on the…is it the controller? Or is it the machine? Maybe each? Maybe neither? Where do you place the video games? Will there be video games?

As its November 2012 launch approached, you learn a few anticipatory articles, tried to work out what the hell the distinction was between the Deluxe and Basic bundles. And in the event you didn’t want the sensor bar that got here with the previous, then how was it a Wii? Was it a Wii? Did you plug it into the TV and watch two screens directly? You, once more, concluded that it didn’t matter, since you weren’t going to purchase one, and you purchased a 3DS XL as an alternative.

It’s laborious to consider it’s now ten years because you puzzled what it was going to be like, lacking out on a complete era of Nintendo first-party titles, and never being totally positive it was going to be that massive of a deal. And after all, the vindication and self-congratulation that accompanied the belief that each sport launched for it might come to the Switch, ultimately.

Happy anniversary, Nintendo Wii U reveal. We hardly knew thee.


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