Huge Fallout 2 Mod Finally Translated From Russian Into English

Olympus 2027, a well-known Fallout 2 mod that utterly replaces the unique sport with a brand new setting and storyline, is now lastly accessible to play for these of us who can’t learn a phrase of Russian.

Olympus is centred round…Olympus, an infinite tower in Silicon Valley that turns into a fortified haven for surviving billionaires. It was first launched in 2014 for Russian-speakers, and appears cool as hell, so it’s nice that we’ll now have an opportunity to play it as nicely (or not less than play it and be capable to observe what’s occurring).

In addition to the change in setting, Olympus additionally makes some tweaks to vanilla Fallout 2 like swapping gender choices for pores and skin color choices, changing some points of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system (playing is swapped out for love, for instance) and the inclusion of two tutorials, one the place you play as you aged seven, the opposite at age 17.

You can obtain the mod here, although it’s strongly really helpful you’re operating a Steam or GOG copy of Fallout 2 first.

Here’s the mod’s lore abstract:

The sport takes place within the Silicon Valley area of the United States, within the 12 months 2207.

The Great War occurred again in 2013: it left behind a dull wasteland glowing with radiation. But humanity, akin to a virus, didn’t die out: some took refuge of their improvised shelters, the wealthy hid within the elite and comfy “Livos” vault, and different exceptionally fortunate individuals discovered themselves on the proper second by the partitions of the “Olympus” skyscraper. The relaxation, not so fortunate to guard themselves of radiation, needed to adapt to the brand new circumstances on the evolutionary, genetic degree.

Faced with starvation and powerlessness, an individual tends to degrade shortly. Without GlobalNet and information broadcasts, individuals forgot about what’s “good” and what’s “bad”. Eventually, everybody began to outline the meanings of those phrases for themselves. Do you will have meals and shelter from the hazards of out of doors world? That’s good! You haven’t any meals and nothing to guard your self from wild beasts? Your buddy solely has two bullets in his gun? That’s dangerous… Now you will have a gun and meals? Good!

Man is a social creature, so individuals began searching for one another. Some tried to battle starvation collectively by getting meals in numerous methods. Others have discovered that being in a bunch makes simpler to take issues away from those that have one thing… Eventually, communities started to appear. Some attacked, others defended themselves. The most aggressive gathered into a bunch known as “Sunset Jackals”, and commenced terrorizing the Radius of Silicone Valley. The Jackars attacked not solely loners and small households dwelling in previous homes, but additionally – previous pre-war factories, such because the “Happy Bull” cannery, or the well-known “Rainbow Pharmaceuticals” chemical plant. When the victims turned quite a few and the advantages weren’t forthcoming, the communities made a deal and commenced buying and selling with what that they had: meals, water, medicine, and weapons – the 4 staples of the New World.

But regardless of how a lot the faction leaders wished to amass the sources of their fellows, the last word dream of anybody dwelling within the Radius was, and nonetheless is, to get into the “Olympus”.

The fortified “Olympus” skyscraper rises proper within the heart of Radius, luring everybody who sees it. Lined with photo voltaic panels, it gleams within the solar like a beacon, attracting increasingly hungry individuals from the remotest corners of Radius. But the gates of the tower all the time stay closed, and people who method them threat encountering a patrol of Defenders. The rotting our bodies of those that have dared nonetheless lie across the perimeter of the tower…

“Olympus” is a dream.

“Olympus” is hope.

“Olympus” is a fortress.

“Olympus” is your cradle.

“Olympus” is your property.

“Olympus” is your grave…


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