Google asks developers to comment on Android OEM app restriction

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  • Google desires to know extra about developers’ app restriction experiences on Android.
  • Developers can fill in a survey naming the OEMs and offering further particulars.

Smartphone makers need to give customers extra battery life by killing pointless apps within the background. However, some OEMs maybe take this follow a bit of too far. Now, Google desires to hear from developers how OEM software program from Android makers is affecting their apps.

Spotted by XDA, app makers can now fill in a survey detailing how OEMs’ “app restriction” practices on Android are culling their apps. “If your app is restricted due to battery saver, please provide as many details as possible in the form below,” asks the shape. Google particularly desires developers to identify the OEM accountable, amongst different particulars.

Background app killing has been a long-standing subject on Android. Google has taken some motion to ease developers’ pains. It outlined plans earlier than Android 11‘s launch to give developers more control. More recent Android versions have implemented better resource management systems to ensure essential apps aren’t killed whereas abusive apps are. However, some OEMs are nonetheless discovered to kill background apps, which can drawback smaller developers extra.

Which OEMs are accountable?

Some common Android smartphone makers are reportedly chief culprits, too. DontKillMyApp called out Samsung because the worst offender after Android 11 landed. According to the positioning, the likes of Nokia, OnePlus, and Xiaomi had been additionally on the listing.

This follow may be a nightmare for developers, however smartphone customers nonetheless consider aggressive battery administration on fashionable smartphones is critical. According to an Android Authority poll, almost two-thirds of respondents felt this manner. Hopefully, the survey is the most recent step for Google to discover a steadiness between the issues of OEMs, developers, and customers.

If you’re a developer and have expertise with a particular or a number of OEMs culling your app within the background, you possibly can comment by heading to the survey on the hyperlink.

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