Fuck The Snipers In Outriders


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Having an excellent time in Outriders? Well sorry, right here come the snipers to smash your enjoyable.

Has this occurred to you: You are enjoying Outriders. Running round, taking pictures dangerous guys, and firing off cool powers. When abruptly a sniper pops up from throughout the map and a second later shoots you, probably killing you or knocking you out of canopy. AND then it occurs once more. And once more. AND AGAIN. The second I see their pink lasers I do know I’m in for some ache.

Snipers fucking suck. I hate them a lot. Snipers are essentially the most annoying a part of Outriders. Should I listing the the reason why, properly I don’t see why not:

1. They are approach too correct.

You would possibly assume, oh, I can get to that subsequent wall safely. I simply must dodge round and keep away from the sniper’s shot. Good luck. These bastards are extremely correct. If that pink laser is on you and also you don’t have a wall close by, put together to get shot.

2. Some of them possess impossibly quick reflexes.

You would possibly attempt to peek out rapidly and take a shot at one once they pop their heads up? Once again, good luck. These assholes have the reflexes of The Flash. Eventually, you’ll additionally encounter extra highly effective boss snipers. These motherfuckers can and can shoot you the literal second you seem of their line of sight. EVEN in case you are taking pictures them first. Doesn’t matter. They’ll get you.

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Screenshot: People Can Fly / Kotaku

3. Even up shut they’re crack photographs and can pop you.

Maybe you assume one of the best ways to take care of these annoying asshats is to work your approach as much as them and get in shut. Well, they may nonetheless shoot you. They use their sniper rifles regardless of how shut you get. And the tremendous badass snipers within the recreation will kill you rapidly on increased world tiers in the event you cost them however don’t kill them straight away.

4. You usually should battle a lot of them directly.

One sniper is dangerous. But Outriders will usually throw multiple at you in a battle. In some later fights, the sport begins tossing snipers at you want a mascot throwing out sweet on a parade float. You kill one. You kill one other one. You assume you’re secure. You will not be secure. A pink laser seems. BAM!

5. They knock you again and take an enormous chunk of your well being.

When snipers shoot you in Outriders, you don’t simply lose some well being. You additionally get shoved backward, out of canopy, and are unable to maneuver for a short second. This won’t sound too dangerous. But in the event you’ve performed sufficient of this recreation, you know the way very important it’s to by no means cease shifting in some fights. And a sniper will fuck that proper up.


Screenshot: People Can Fly / Kotaku

6. Some of them can toss flares that set off an enormous bombardment of mortars.

Just… why? These fuckos are already the worst factor on the planet. Why give a few of them a brilliant highly effective potential like that? Oh, they usually will use it. Hide in cowl an excessive amount of and also you’ll rapidly study two issues: They have a whole lot of flares. And they’ve larger splash harm zones than you may think.

I’m at present on world tier 13. Things can get robust. But more often than not I’m capable of maintain my very own. But when snipers present up, all bets are off. These shitheads have killed me greater than anything on this recreation, together with some enormous boss creatures and highly effective wizard-like enemies.

As a pyromancer usually my finest likelihood at taking them out is to make use of my thermal bomb to get them to pop up and safely shoot them with a rifle. But that’s simpler stated than achieved, particularly after I’m surrounded by a complete bunch of different baddies trying to blow my brains out.

I’ll give the snipers credit score: I’m not often bored throughout fight in Outriders. I do get very indignant and aggravated. But not bored. So that’s… one thing?

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