Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade’s Yuffie Mission Is A Must-Play

I dunno, kid, who do you think?

I dunno, child, who do you suppose?
Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a dramatic recreation with the odd foolish beats. The new DLC episode that includes younger Wutai ninja Yuffie Kisaragi is a foolish facet mission that stays lighthearted till the bitter finish. It’s the right FFVII Remake Intergrade chaser.

What’s in FFVII Remake Intergrade?

In FF7R Episode INTERmission, as Square Enix calls it, 16-year-old ninja prodigy Yuffie Kisaragi and her associate/underling Sonon Kusakabe infiltrate Midgar on a mission to steal a rumored “ultimate materia” for his or her nation of Wutai. Though the pair are working with eco-terrorist rebel group Avalanche throughout their mission, they’re pointedly not working with the Avalanche “splinter cell” Barrett, Tifa, and Cloud belong to. Early within the DLC mission Yuffie is warned away from attempting to work together with the sport’s predominant characters. And must you try to storm Tifa Lockhart’s Seventh Heaven bar, the group’s secret headquarters, Yuffie shall be bodily pushed away by unseen forces.

The invisible partitions on this recreation are downright violent.
Gif: Square Enix / Kotaku

Who is Yuffie?

In the unique Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie is an elective character who doesn’t meet up with the principle occasion till they’ve left Midgar, so assembly the workforce beforehand would destroy no matter continuity the remake is trying to ascertain. As such, Yuffie and Sonon spend their temporary time within the metropolis doing their very own factor whereas the dramatic occasions surrounding Cloud and mates happen of their periphery.

When not battling different Fort Condor gamers within the DLC’s colourful tower protection mini-game or participating in a handful of side-quests, Yuffie’s predominant mission is brief and candy. First she and Sonon should purchase a pair of false IDs with the intention to make it to Shinra HQ. To do that they have to chase their contact by the Sector 7 industrial space, battling the Shinra forces pursuing him alongside the way in which. From there it’s on to Shinra HQ itself, the place a number of acquainted faces from a pair completely different Final Fantasy VII video games make the ninjas’ lives depressing.

She’s a well-rounded fighter, this boomerang-wielding ninja.

She’s a well-rounded fighter, this boomerang-wielding ninja.
Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

For a personality who’s solely playable for 3 and a half hours (not together with mini-games and side-quests), Yuffie is a reasonably effectively fleshed-out fighter. Using her large ninja stars she will be able to battle foes up shut with bodily assaults, or she will be able to toss her star and solid ninja magic from afar. Her companion, Sonon, shouldn’t be playable, however they pair and synergize when in battle collectively, performing extra highly effective team-up variations of Yuffie’s regular ninja magic. Both fighters are ridiculously quick, and when new summon Ramuh will get in on the act, enemies would possibly as effectively neglect about seeing their households once more.

And then in comes Ramuh, hogging the spotlight.

And then in comes Ramuh, hogging the highlight.
Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

Yuffie’s strongest energy isn’t her magic or her ninja skills, nonetheless: It’s her upbeat nature, her can-do perspective, and her clumsy, impish allure that sees her by her Midgar mission. I need to cheer when she dramatically confronts Shinra troopers close to the principle pillar holding up Sector 7, reciting an clearly practiced speech meant to strike worry within the hearts of her enemies,, though I do know she’s about to fall on her ass.

Post ass-falling.

Post ass-falling.
Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

The solid of the DLC, each returning characters from the remake correct and the brand new ninja, give these foolish performances their all. Suzie Yeung is irresistibly charming as Yuffie, the teenage ninja with an unwavering loyalty to her clan and a hatred for the planet-poisoning Shinra. Aleks Le’s Sonon places up together with his youthful commander’s antics with grace and poise, by no means letting on that the goofy issues she does are something apart from sensible theatrics designed to distract enemies. They make a beautiful workforce.

The different star workforce for this downloadable content material is Square Enix’s music workforce, who’ve outdone themselves with a few of the new tracks launched for this small piece of content material. There are no less than three unique songs for a side-quest involving a bar referred to as The Happy Turtle, every a distinct tackle the institution’s theme. One’s an upbeat jingle. Another is a shiny pop track. The third is mainly demise metallic. “Come out, come out, come out, come out of your shell / Party, party, party, party, all night, at the Happy Turtle.” That’s by no means getting out of my head. Dammit, I simply discovered one other one.

Everybody is listening to Happy Turtle music.

Everybody is listening to Happy Turtle music.
Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

“You and me nice and easy, on our journey / life’s gonna be so great, at the Happy Turtle.” It’s lovely.

Not every part in regards to the Yuffie DLC mission is mild and fluffy. There are some heavy bits towards the top that I’ll chorus from mentioning, in addition to a little bit of an prolonged epilogue to the principle recreation. What I’m saying is there are extra causes to play by the brand new episode than lighthearted enjoyable. It’s simply that lighthearted enjoyable is a really huge a part of it.

It’s nice to see Yuffie get a while within the highlight. With this DLC Square Enix has elevated her from elective facet character who very practically obtained minimize from the unique recreation to a vital a part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake saga. I can’t wait to see extra of her, every time which may occur.

How do I switch saves?

Upgrading this intermission from the PS4 model to fancier PS5 model is trying for the right console download. Make certain you know the way to navigate the messy save transfer system, too.

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