Exos Heroes Review – Extraordinary Graphics, Ordinary Gacha

Exos Heroes is likely one of the most eagerly anticipated gacha video games of the yr. Developed by Oozoo and LINE Games, this slick-trying title gained legions of followers in its native Korea due to its excellent presentation and nicely-balanced gameplay. 

Very little has been misplaced in translation for this Western launch. Exos Heroes is a conspicuously upmarket gacha recreation, and care has clearly been taken to make sure that the English language model is as much as the usual of the unique. 

The story, which begins with a prologue lasting over an hour, sees you enjoying as a treasure hunter referred to as Zeon. Zeon has misplaced his airship, and he desires it again. Naturally, he’s ready to noticeably injure anyone who will get in his approach.

After discovering a derelict airship in a cave, Zeon recruits a reluctant former pilot to fly it for him – however not earlier than studying this gruff pilot’s tragic backstory, and convincing him to go away his ghosts behind, aided by the pilot’s keen younger apprentice.

That’s the form of joyous melodrama you’re in for. Exos Heroes does a great job of injecting its battles and conditions with sufficient narrative juice to make you actually need to beat the sneering villains and reward the heroes. 

Ace Presentation

The voice-performing helps, too, although this isn’t common. Conversations often take the type of 2D textual content-primarily based affairs, and these are sloppily translated – a uncommon chink in Exos Heroes’s presentational armor. 

Otherwise the presentation is great each technically and when it comes to design. Each lavishly detailed 3D character is exclusive and stuffed with character, and the battle animations are so bombastic and cinematic that you simply don’t thoughts watching them 1,000,000 instances. 

The summoning animations are equally polished, although you’ll quickly revert to skipping these fairly than ready – notably once you’re summoning a number of heroes.

Another good contact is the presentation of the overworld, which is an attention-grabbing mixture of 2D and 3D. You can discover this overworld – in addition to the totally 3D cities – freely, or you’ll be able to auto-navigate in the direction of missions as an alternative. The benefit of exploring is that you simply generally discover loot mendacity round. 

In phrases of fight, Exos Heroes provides the usual flip-primarily based motion with a few minor twists. The first of those is the mana system for replenishing talent bars, which provides a tactical dimension since it’s good to carry out sure actions with sure heroes to generate mana. It’s a intelligent different to the same old cooldown timers. 

Then, extra importantly, there’s the “break” system. This permits you to “break” enemies by attacking them utilizing heroes with matching Guardian Stones, thus softening them up. The complexity lies in the truth that you typically have to keep away from breaking enemies in an effort to get three stars in a degree. 

Getting three stars is vital as a result of it provides you Xes, the forex you want in an effort to summon heroes. You can get hold of Xes in different methods, however getting three stars is by far the simplest. 

The upshot of that is you could’t depend on autoplay to battle your battles for you if you wish to maximise your pulling energy. 

The Usual Suspects

Your airship in Exos Heroes is your base of operations. It’s right here that you simply handle your staff, summon new heroes, craft objects, and so forth. 

Summon is available in a few totally different kinds, with totally different outcomes. Premium summons assure you at the least one Legendary Hero from each 11 pulls, whereas Free permits you to summon a personality each eight hours at no cost. Handily, your ineffective heroes aren’t truly ineffective, since they contribute to your mileage. 

Heroes come within the traditional number of tiers, elemental affinities, roles, star grades, and so forth. The tiers, from worst to greatest, are Common, Magic, Rare, Legendary, and Fated, whereas the roles embody Warrior, Assassin, Paladin, and so forth. 

A hero’s max degree is decided by their star grade, which means that top rarity characters have exponentially better potential than their low rarity underlings. 

The pull price for premium summons is pretty underwhelming at current, which is sweet information at no cost-to-play gamers and never fairly such excellent news for critical gacha players – however that may change as the sport matures. 

There’s no scarcity of options in Exos Heroes, together with crafting and Fatecore, however some of the intriguing inclusions is Exploration. This is basically an idle element RPG element, or fairly two. 

Smart Exploration permits you to earn loot and XP whereas your telephone is switched off, whereas customary Exploration permits you to earn even higher loot whereas the sport is working. We’re not satisfied of the enchantment of an idle mode that ties up your telephone, nevertheless it’s a welcome inclusion all the identical. 

As are the PvP and guild options that change into accessible as you degree-up, and the wildly various array of 200 heroes. All in all, Exos Heroes is a stable gacha RPG package deal, with glorious presentation, first rate writing, and nicely-balanced fight.

If you’re a gacha veteran, your consideration little doubt went straight to the important thing line: “one Legendary Hero from every 11 pulls”. It’s an underwhelming pull-price, however for newcomers to the style that gained’t be a difficulty. Exos Heroes has lots extra to supply. You can obtain Exos Heroes at no cost proper now on Google Play (and the App Store).

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