Athenion: Tactical CCG Guide – Learn to Make the Most of the Pre-Built Decks With These Hints, Tips and Tricks

The pre-constructed decks in Athenion: Tactical CCG are an effective way to get an edge over your opponents. You unlock them with an IAP, and they offer you a whole deck designed to spotlight the abilities and powers of the faction you select.

In this information we’re going to break down the pre-constructed deck for every of the six factions, highlighting some of the uncommon playing cards you’ll get and the items you may mix collectively to get the most out of them.

If you haven’t performed Athenion: Tactical CCG but you may obtain it proper now from the App Store and Google Play Store. 

Fire Legion

The Fire Legion deck provides you some spectacular playing cards. It’s focus is on dealing harm to your opponent’s items as quick as potential. Neos Flaming Knee provides the deck some pace as effectively, with its capacity to transfer round the board at the begin of each flip.

Ifrit is one of the most helpful playing cards you get on this deck. Her Awaken talent offers 1 harm to a pleasant unit of your selecting, however then provides it a plus 1 defend. Combo her with the likes of Axe Runner or Dragonia Fighter to set off their Berserk talent earlier than their first spherical of assaults.

Tidal Nether

This deck is all about utilizing your playing cards collectively. Many of the playing cards include the Link talent, which makes them extra highly effective after they’re chained along with pleasant items. It additionally comes with some Mercenary playing cards with abilities that may actually assist out while you’re in a pickle.

The Merbeast Fighter positive factors assault arrows in all instructions in the event you Link it with one other pleasant unit. Play Wandering Bard first to give boosts to assault and defend, then Blade Dancer to energy her up much more. There is likely to be costlier playing cards in the deck, however take into consideration how one can combo your cheaper playing cards to nice impact.

Planet Guardian

Colossal Trees are one of the keys to success with this deck. A quantity of the 2 and three value playing cards allow you to put the bushes onto the board, and then your cheaper items get boosts and buffs from them, making them much more highly effective. 

Chaka of the Mountain, for instance, spawns a Colossal Tree and then provides it a buff to assault and well being. The subsequent flip you may play Chimera Leonis, Forest Ranger and Forest Hunter and make use of the abilities being close to the Colossal Tree grants them.

Cyclone Fury

To make the most out of this deck you want to mix collectively motion and backstabs. Loads of the items include Stealth as effectively, which makes them invulnerable to assault for his or her first flip. 

Lana Fan Caster is a robust card on her personal, however while you mix her with some of the cheaper items she turns into one thing of a battlefield normal. Drop her into play and transfer a Twister and it may assault in all instructions with a plus 2 to its assault for that flip.

Divine Grace

Healing is the order of the day with the Divine Grace pre-constructed deck. Loads of the items right here will give hit factors again to broken items in a spread of other ways. This can allow you to flip highly effective items into unstoppable juggernauts. Combining the Sacred Magician with the Eternity Dragon creates a robust weapon that assaults when it heals.

The Guardian Mage is a superb card for focusing the enemy’s wrath and throwing it again of their face. It has the Taunt talent, excessive HP and offers 2 harm to a random unit for each assault it faces in a flip.

Shadow Realm

Death is the order of the day for the Shadow Realm deck – your individual and your opponent’s. Loads of the playing cards right here create duplicates of themselves after they die or summon different items. The extra highly effective playing cards get extra highly effective if there are extra playing cards in the graveyard, so sacrifice can actually repay. Combo Demon Tamer, Grave Zombie and then Chimera Dragonis to flood the board.

Zandora makes use of the Dark Matter generated by different items to set off her Dark Power. Not solely does it make the card stronger, it additionally lets it assault items at the finish of each flip it’s on the board.

Why not use these methods for your self by downloading Athenion: Tactical CCG on Google Play (and the App Store) now.

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