2112TD is a Sci-Fi Tower Defense Game Inspired by C&C and StarCraft

2112TD, which has simply landed on the Google Play Store to extraordinarily favorable opinions, is a tower protection recreation with an aesthetic impressed by old skool RTSes like Command & Conquer and StarCraft. 

Developed by Refinery Productions, 2112TD sees you constructing, deploying, and upgrading defensive towers in an invigorating imaginative and prescient of life 100 years therefore, when inter-dimensional monsters are spawning throughout the photo voltaic system and threatening Earth’s colonies. 

In distinction with most tower protection video games, 2112TD locations a sturdy emphasis on the micro-management of dynamic action-centric talents. These develop in quantity as you progress by the marketing campaign, with airstrikes, charged assaults, drones, and extra being steadily added to your repertoire. 

At the time of writing 2112TD has 4.9 stars from a comparatively small variety of opinions. It’ll price you $1.99 to test it out for your self. 

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2112TD is a tower defence game for iOS and Android that aesthetically pays homage to 90s RTS games | Articles

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