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Coloured cards

The battle system on the coronary heart of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is a straightforward one, all about matching up the proper cards to do essentially the most injury, and in case your cards are the identical color, you get a multiplier. It’s fairly easy to begin with.

Things do inevitably get much more sophisticated, although it is nothing you will not give you the chance to deal with. The predominant factor you need to perceive is what cards to use, and that auto-battle won’t all the time make the fitting choices.

If you wouldn’t have a set of three cards the identical color, decide two of 1 color (often the plainest, lowest-rank cards) and then the only card which is solo. Do this every time you do not have a triple in your hand, and you will ultimately chain triples.


Gacha decks

The sport’s battle system may be very easy and easy not matter how a lot you make investments in the gacha system, making all of it really feel a bit pointless. Nevertheless, it’s most actually right here and current.

Better cards pulled out of the gacha pile will certainly provide help to progress sooner in battle and beat down stronger enemies, however you do not have to fear about that each one your self.

Once you’ve got pulled some gacha and powered up Xehanort and your cards, you may merely click on the Optimise button on your stats display to equip one of the best cards instantly out there to you.


BP to battle

As you struggle you will earn BP, and whereas BP is lots like expertise or EXP in many different gacha RPGs, you will want to be hands-on together with your supply of it.

Go into your stats display and faucet the quantity of BP you may have on the prime of the display – if the BP stat is flashing, you’ve got in all probability get extra BP you did not learn about.

After that, you may degree up Xehanort. If you’ve got been struggling early on in the sport, this may seemingly be why, as the sport does not tutorialise levelling up. Nightmare!


Album, missions

When you defeat enemies they may all be collected into an ever-expanding album of characters you’ve got battled with, and earlier than you recognize it, this album shall be providing you dozens of bonuses which is able to permit you to chain and defeat a great deal of enemies at a time.

All you may have to do is go into the Album menu every time there’s an icon on it, and you will get bonuses for defeating enemies. From that time onwards whenver you defeat an enemy you will be given a bonus.

The bonuses begin out small, with simply an additional HP being thrown onto your life bar, however earlier than you recognize it you will give you the chance to get large injury and magic assault bonuses from defeating enemies. This turns into even simpler in the event you go away the sport to auto-battle monsters in the world for a short while as soon as you’ve got levelled your self up…

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