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In most likely its largest update ever, Agens and Snowman are introducing the bustling city of Tokyo in Skate City. This transfer comes at the excellent time because it is the first time that skateboarding is being launched as an official sport in the Olympics, that are additionally going down in Tokyo, Japan.

Skateboarders worldwide are receiving recognition for the sport they love and Skate City is celebrating it in the grandest method attainable: by recreating the streets of Tokyo in their iconic model for everybody to skateboard even whereas at residence.

Players might be ready to discover Tokyo like by no means earlier than, skateboarding by means of the varied completely different neighbourhoods in the vibrant and lively city of Tokyo, whereas visiting all the well-known skating areas discovered there as nicely.

Snowman is positive that you’re going to fall in love with their rendition of Tokyo, which they consider might be the excellent mix of an iconic, neon-soaked city with stunning parks, and crowded backstreets.

Ryan Cash, the Co-founder of Snowman mentioned: “For the last few years we’ve been looking for an interesting way to tie a real-world event into something we make, but we never wanted to do anything that didn’t feel meaningful. When the Tokyo games were announced it was a no-brainer for us. Skateboarding’s coming to the Olympics for the first time in history, which is a triumphant moment for the sport. We knew we had to be part of it in some small way.”

The options in this new update embody:

  • Largest and most vibrant city to date
  • 21 new challenges
  • 30 new objectives in Endless Skate
  • New Soundtrack additions
  • New decks, garments and equipment in the Skate Shop to unlock
  • New leaderboards for prime scores in problem mode

Celebrate skateboarding at the Tokyo Olympics, 2021 by downloading the update to Skate City, launching soon on Apple Arcade.

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