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Choosing the appropriate characters

In Shadow Fight Arena, there’s an eclectic bunch of heroes with which to construct your staff of three. Differences transcend the purely beauty; heroes are upgradeable, and include various talents that may form how efficient they’re in opposition to different fighters. For instance, Azuma’s assaults neutralise shadow power, while Kate’s steal it, making each higher versus opponents who rely on it. That’s why it’s a good suggestion to construct a balanced staff that covers all bases – so when confronted with an opponent you realize has a selected weak point, you will have a fighter who can exploit it.



Timing is all the things in Shadow Fight Arena. You want to guage when to make your transfer, and when to be nonetheless. As within the different video games within the sequence, blocking is so simple as staying put – you don’t must faucet any buttons. Unlike when performing evasive manoeuvres, you’ll be able to’t be harmed by low, excessive or overhead assaults when blocking. You can bide your time, wait for your opponent to strike to no avail, then observe up with a counter-attack.



Rolling enables you to shortly shut distance along with your foe, while additionally dodging any ranged assaults. It does make you susceptible to different types of assault, nevertheless, so use it correctly.


Main assaults

Although all characters have their very own model and distinctive talents, they every share six fundamental kinds of assault:

Basic assault: faucet the melee button
Heavy assault: maintain the melee button
Upper assault: press the motion button in an upward route + melee button
Lower assault: press the motion button in an upward route + melee button
Spinning assault: press the motion button within the backward route + melee button
Special assault: maintain the motion button within the route of your opponent and faucet the melee assault button the quantity of instances your hero requires


Throwing the enemy

There are few extra satisfying methods to indicate your opponent who’s boss than chucking them to the ground. In Shadow Fight Arena, it’s essential be simply the appropriate distance in entrance of your enemy. Tap on the transfer button of their route and the melee assault button. It could be a bit difficult to get the hold of, however simply takes just a little practise.


Dashing Behind

Give your opponent the slip – sprint behind them by double-tapping the transfer button of their route. It’s a helpful option to each evade an imminent assault and get your self out of a nook. As when rolling and leaping, you aren’t invulnerable in the course of the sprint behind manoevre, so attempt to time it when your enemy is mid-move and unable to punish you for it.


Avoiding particular assaults

Ranged, particular and shadow assaults all pose a singular menace to a fighter, however can all be evaded or interrupted with good timing.

When going through a ranged assault, you’ll be able to duck, roll, leap or low kick to dodge the projectile. When it involves ranged assaults with an area-of-effect factor, you’ll be able to merely keep away from the hazard zone to remain secure. Shadow assaults and particular talents are just a little extra unpredictable, however the identical rules apply – you simply want good timing.

The trickier method to grasp is evading by way of attacking, however permits you to kill two birds with one stone; avoiding injury, while dealing injury.


Gathering shadow power

Shadow power is the magic blue stuff within the bar under your well being meter. When you’ve saved sufficient, you’ll be able to briefly swap into your shadow kind and unleash hell. You can accumulate shadow power by doing injury, taking injury, and avoiding fighters that sap shadow power, comparable to Kate.

Now you’re prepared to go away the dojo and enter Shadow Fight Arena – out there for free on Android and iOS.

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