Meet Dota 2’s New Hero: Dawnbreaker

Have hammer, will smash. That’s not the official catchphrase of the brand new Dota 2 hero but it surely undoubtedly needs to be. Meet Dawnbreaker, the most recent hero to reach within the MOBA Dota 2. She comes on the good time with the Dota anime making its Netflix debut just last month

A brand new replace has gone stay and it is a fairly large one. With Radiant Mid change and varied different map tweaks, the brand new replace is extra than simply the brand new character, however the brand new character is arguably the largest half.

Dota 2 new hero: Dawnbreaker

Dawnbreaker is a mele-heavy hero that was “molded from the heart of a young metallic star.” She’s a warrior from the Children of Light and wields an enormous hammer prefer it weighs nothing. Her main transfer (Starbreaker) makes use of stated hammer by spinning it round in three fast strikes. Upon the ultimate spin, she slams the meaty finish of the hammer right down to deal large quantities of harm to her foes. 

Her three different talents embody:

Celestial Hammer: 

  • Dawnbreaker hurls her weapon at a goal, damaging enemies struck alongside the best way. The hammer pauses briefly on the vacation spot earlier than flying again to her, leaving a blazing trailer that slows enemies. 


  • After three assaults, Dawnbreaker powers up, charging her subsequent assault with a essential hit that heals all allied heroes round her for a portion of the assault harm dealt. 

Solar Guardian: 

  • She creates a pulsing impact at a location close to an allied hero wherever on the map, damaging enemies and therapeutic allies with every pulse. After a brief length, she flies to the goal location, dealing further harm and gorgeous enemies upon touchdown. 

She appears like a reasonably killer character and the lore surrounding her origins is nothing wanting fascinating. Dota 2 has been getting quite a lot of love currently, and it is good to see. Hopefully, the anime additionally drew new gamers in to see what all the fuss is about. There is a motive why the Dota 2 neighborhood continues to be strong for the reason that recreation’s launch again in 2013, and now is an ideal alternative for brand new gamers to see precisely what that motive is.

General updates

According to Valve, listed below are the overall adjustments yow will discover with the most recent Dota 2 replace: 

  • Terrain up to date with varied adjustments
  • Added Water Power Rune. Spawns at each Power Rune areas solely at minute 2 and 4. Instantly restores 100 well being and 80 mana when used. Can be used to fill bottles. Starting at 6 minutes, Power Runes spawn as ordinary on one facet.
  • Added +2 Attributes leveling for as much as 7 instances (for the 7 empty ranges from 1-26), and might be leveled in any order (through clicking on the expertise tree circle). They will routinely be leveled if there are not any different choices out there.
  • Level 30 not grants all remaining skills. Instead stage 27/28/29/30 will grant you the remaining stage 10/15/20/25 skills
  • Outposts not give XP on the 10/20/30/and many others minute mark
  • Outposts now present XPM whereas managed (XP = 2*Minute). No further XP granted when controlling two outposts, just like the present guidelines.
    • Notes:
    • Compared to the earlier model at 10/20/30/40 minutes, whole XP given per participant modified from 150/500/1050/1800 to 110/420/930/1640.
  • The XP is offered on the minute mark
  • The quantity you get for every minute at the beginning is 2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20 for minutes 1 by means of 10
  • Bounty Runes after the preliminary set are diminished by 10%
  • Bounty Runes not spawn within the river. The quantity these runes gave is now offered routinely over time by means of GPM.
  • Bounty Runes now spawn each Three minutes within the respective jungle space (whole rune depend diminished from Four to 2)
  • Bounty Runes not disappear when new ones spawn, they now spawn alongside the earlier one if it is not picked up
  • At minute 0, Bounty Runes spawn within the jungle and on the energy rune areas (Four whole at the beginning of the sport)
  • Various solid ranges and motion pace skills/gadgets/talents have been changed or toned down (these are included in-line with the merchandise and hero sections under)
  • Hero kill help gold now adjusted based mostly on the relative NW distinction between the 2 groups. For instance, in case your workforce is down 5,000 gold and the enemy has 50,000 whole web value, your help gold shall be value 10% extra.
  • Heroes now begin the sport with 1 TP scroll slightly than 3
  • Heroes now acquire 1 TP scroll on demise
  • TP Scroll price elevated from 90 to 100
  • Heroes with 1.Zero flip price now have 0.9 flip price
  • Heroes with 0.5 flip price now have 0.6 flip price
  • Turn price impact on time to show improved by 20%
  • Aghanim’s Scepter: Roshan drop now requires you to activate it to eat it (has no impact till consumed)
  • Aghanim’s Shard: Now drops on the second Roshan kill, and solely that one (has identical activation mechanics because the Scepter drop)
  • Increase constructing teleportation vary from 575 to 800 (impacts TP scrolls and Boots of Travel)
  • Outpost teleport base channel time diminished from 6 to five seconds
  • Outpost imaginative and prescient diminished from 700 to 500
  • Captains Mode preliminary choosing part modified from 1st-2nd-1st-2nd to 1st-2nd-2nd-1st
  • Hoodwink added to Captains Mode
  • Couriers not have imaginative and prescient when inside Roshan’s pit
  • Wards can now be denied from full well being by any allied participant if the ward is positioned in a spawn camp field
  • Ancient impartial creeps armor elevated by 1 (apart from the Ancient Golems)
  • Neutral Items now fly in direction of the killing hero, slightly than spawning underneath the useless unit
  • Hero ban depend for matchmaking elevated by 6 (nonetheless chance-based)
  • Buyback price diminished from 200 + NetWorth/12 to 200 + NetWorth/13
  • Courier respawn time diminished from 60 + 7*Level to 60 + 6*Level
  • Backdoor safety harm discount elevated from 40% to 50%
  • Hero-to-hero merchandise switch vary elevated from 150 to 300
  • Tree respawn interval diminished from 5 to three minutes
  • The following talents not destroy timber: Earth Splitter, Mortimer Kisses, Meteor Hammer, Macropyre.
  • Reduced the radius of tree destruction on the next talents: Wild Axes, Gust, Power Cogs, Vacuum, Fire Remnant, Relocate, Tether, Blinding Light, Skewer, Doppelganger, Telekinesis, Firesnap Cookie, Spit Out, Spider Legs, Blast Off!, Toss, Snowball, Powershot, Will-O-Wisp.

Are you excited for the brand new Dota 2 hero with Dawnbreaker? What do you consider the opposite adjustments with the most recent recreation replace? Sound off along with your ideas within the remark part under! You can even discover the total patch notes, together with merchandise adjustments, right here

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