Mass Effect Legendary Edition Guide: Suicide Mission Mass Effect 2

The Suicide Mission, as you have in all probability guessed from the title, is a vital story step in Mass Effect 2. Commander Shepard spends all of their time all through the sport to prep for this mission, together with the upgrades we talked about in our common errors to keep away from piece from earlier last month. That’s solely the primary half. The second half requires some important considering since you’ll must allocate roles to your squadmates earlier than dashing the Collector Base. Failure to choose the correct individual will lead to key characters dying. Mass Effect does not mess around with penalties. Luckily for you, I’ve performed this sport nicely over 30 occasions, so I’ve obtained your again. 

Just a few belongings you want to pay attention to earlier than kicking off this step. There is a mission known as Reaper IFF. Consider this your level of no return, which is a typical saying within the Mass Effect neighborhood. While there’s extra content material after this, it is a key turning level within the story, and something vital left undone, resembling loyalty missions, will stay undone and have important penalties. Before you begin this step, ensure that to do as a lot as attainable. Those loyalty missions? Check. Those facet quests and Dossier fulfillments? Check and examine! The solely exception to that is that you are able to do Legion’s loyalty mission known as A House Divided. Doing this proper after getting the all-clear to pursue the Reaper IFF is not going to negatively impression the success price. However, ready too lengthy to retrieve the IFF will lead to crew members dying, however not your squadmates. 

Without spoiling too a lot (to keep away from all spoilers is inconceivable when detailing this mission), you may have an opportunity to save lots of everybody in your ship, particularly Kelly Chambers. However, doing so is hard and could be very time-sensitive. If you go straight to the Reaper IFF with having accomplished mission-critical quests, then your entire Normandy crew will reside to see one other day. The longer you wait, the extra folks will die, together with our beloved Doctor Chakwas. 

Suicide Mission Team Selections

All crew members MUST have the loyalty missions accomplished and be upgraded via the Squad menu. Italicized signifies that’s my major alternative once I play, however any of the characters proven will work.

Tech Specialist for the vents: 

Tali, Legion, or Kasumi

2nd Fire Team Leader:

Miranda, Jacob, Garrus

Biotic Specialists for Shields: 

Samara or Jack

Distraction Fire Team Leader: 

Jacob, Garrus, Miranda

Normandy Crew Escort: 

Any loyal crew member will work, however I personally get pleasure from sending Mordin since he’s a physician, and in my head canon, he is an excellent match to assist with trauma and shock.

Final Boss Squad: 

You’ll wish to ensure you have evened out skills, resembling tech and biotics, however actually choose who you get pleasure from essentially the most. Unlike the roles above; there are not any lasting penalties on who you convey with you for the ultimate combat so long as they’re loyal. 

Prior to kicking this off, you may must ensure you’ve obtained all of your upgrades. When enjoying via Mass Effect 2, there’s a Research Terminal within the Tech Labs the place Mordin resides. Here is the place you will see that numerous upgrades to put money into utilizing supplies discovered all through the galaxy, together with upgrades to your ship, your armor, your weapons, and your squad. You’ll additionally discover distinctive improve choices from speaking to your crew, you may see this dialogue possibility as [UPGRADES]. There are a couple of upgrades which might be past very important to creating it to Mass Effect three with a 100% survival price, however you may’t guarantee everybody’s security if you happen to do not put within the time. 

Here’s what you must know. 

What you want: 

  • Heavy Ship Armor for 15,000 Palladium, from Jacob
  • Multicore Shielding for 15,000 Palladium, from Tali
  • Thanix Cannon for 15,000 Platinum, from Garrus

What occurs if you happen to skip these upgrades: 

  • No Multicore Shielding: Garrus, Legion, Kasumi, Grunt, Tali, Zaeed, or Thane will die
  • No Heavy Ship Armor: Kasumi or Jack will die
  • No Thanix Cannon: Samara (or Morinth), Garrus, Jack, or Grunt will die

If you do not do any of the loyalty missions, these that aren’t loyal is not going to survive the ultimate push. Invest, make investments, make investments!  

For extra Mass Effect Legendary goodness, together with extra suggestions and methods, take a look at our sport hub here

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