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Yggdrasil, The Secret Beast

Most newbie gamers usually overlook this secret spot on the map, however proper after you clear Port Aldana, a sub-squest will seem a few lady attempting to get her grandma cured. Accept this sub-quest and it’ll unlock the Tree of Yggdrasil.

In order to set off the Yggdrasil combat, you want to get hold of the Rare Ark “Giant Tree” – it’s truly a reasonably widespread pull from the gacha crystals. Once you will have it, use your Blue Souls to Level Up the Ark to Level 2. This will successfully unlock the Yggdrasil combat whenever you go to the World Tree – you don’t even have to equip the Giant Tree Ark to combat her.

You gained’t find a way to injury Yggdrasil so long as she’s nonetheless acquired minions working round, so be sure to have a Unit with Fire or Dark assaults to do away with these pesky little issues faster. When you’ll be able to lastly deal her some injury, she’ll heal herself for 9999 HP sooner or later. Just maintain whittling her life down and the combat might be over quickly.

The Summon impact of the Yggdrasil stone heals all allies and revives useless social gathering mates with 1% of their HP – undoubtedly effectively value the effort.


Grana Daria Summoning Stone

You have to attain Seaside Granada in the Story Mode and full the side-quests for it – notably, after clearing “Ship’s Escort Mission”. Then, faucet on the whirlpool close by on the World Map and this could unlock the Temple of Grana Daria. You can encounter the sea dragon there you probably have the SR Ark “Temple of Grana Daria”. Much like the Giant Tree, you want to stage up the Ark to Level 2.
temple of grana daria
You’ll seemingly not less than be at Level 60 by now, and to be sincere, Grana Daria doesn’t pose an excessive amount of of a problem. You ought to find a way to defeat the beast pretty simply – and once more, when unsure, decide a Level 100 help unit who can carry your social gathering in a pinch.


Last Cloudia Summons Guide: Babalaad

The most convoluted means of all beasts on this Last Cloudia Summons Guide, unlocking the venom dragon requires unlocking the Hidden Pokkle Plains first, which is extremely straightforward to miss for those who’re simply going by the entire story.

First, you want to undergo Badal Rainforest: Forest Wandering – keep in mind to decide Head Left when prompted every time. Second, end the Badal Rainforest sub-quest Pokkle’s Day Out. Then, return and run Badal Rainforest: In Forest Dark and Dreary, and decide Head Left once more for every selection. Finish the Badal Rainforest sub-quest Follow Your Nose afterwards.

Again, run Badal Rainforest: Honesty and Trust and all the time decide Head Straight. Finish the Badal Rainforest sub-quest A Buggy Calculation, in addition to the sub-quest Finding the Path. This ought to then unlock the Hidden Pokkle Plains.

Then, clear the Samel Village sub-quest A Pokkle’s Natural Foe, then return to the Hidden Pokkle Plains. After all that, this could lastly unlock Poison Swamp, which unlocks Venom Castle Babalaad. You want to have the Venom Dragon Babalaad Ark upgraded to Level 2 earlier than you’ll be able to encounter the beast. Whew!
last cloudia summons guide - venom dragon babalaad
We hope this Last Cloudia Summons Guide helps you beef up your social gathering whether or not you’ve acquired the best pulls otherwise you’re just a beginner attempting to wrap your head round the recreation.

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