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I need to go to individuals’s homes and nonetheless dock my Switch, is that so unhealthy? Countless instances I’ve visited a pal, or my girlfriend, introduced my Switch, however we’re caught taking part in nice video games huddled round a tiny display screen. Yeah, I can throw the dock in a backpack, however I get flights fairly typically, and having one other digital machine to take by means of airport safety simply causes trouble, doubly so while you’re restricted on area.

So, I need a smaller dock. Well, that is advantageous, and fortunately there are a honest few third-party moveable options accessible on-line. But when you’ve saved up with Switch controversies over time, you may know that some third-party docks have incorrect energy supply, and that is a problem which can lead to actually bricking your console completely.

But there’s a glimmer of hope. If you’ve got seen a Nintendo Switch Dock teardown video or a gallery of what is inside, you may know there’s not a lot to it. A small circuit board, and a ribbon cable which connects to the USB-C connector to plug into the Switch. That’s it. The dock is outsized so it sits firmly whereas cables are plugged into it, and I suppose so the display screen is considerably protected whereas positioned down.

So to get round the truth that the dock is so giant and third-party docks are harmful, I made a decision to place the innards of my Nintendo Switch Dock inside a a lot smaller, extra moveable shell. This article will partially be educational, however will even provide you with my impressions of how tough it’s for a complete beginner to do.

Tear it down

I purchased a low-cost Chinese-made dock shell from Amazon for this, and I already had a second official Nintendo Switch dock that I had purchased on eBay a while in the past. If you are feeling such as you’re uncertain of how seemingly you might be to efficiently transplant the circuit board from the dock, please ensure you have a alternative.

Just so you will have every thing you want, here is the (considerably incomplete) official video I used to be linked to with the equipment I purchased from Amazon. It’s a bit… amateurish.

I began by simply unscrewing all seen screws on the again of the dock, and ultimately, it will pop off the plastic shell protecting the tiny circuit board. It actually is so simple as that – that’s just about the entire dock. Take the screws out of the circuit board, and make sure that not to scratch it. You can even detach the small LED mild cable by pulling it out.

Once the screws are out, use a plastic lever or your nail to raise off the lever holding down the ribbon cable to the board. Most tutorials on-line skip over this half, so I’ll reiterate: don’t yank or pull the cable with out ensuring it has been launched, this cable could be changed, however you don’t want to purchase one other one when you can keep away from it. Once the ribbon cable is out, you’ll be able to simply unclip two small clips on the left holding the board to the dock.

Once all of that’s out, hold unscrewing the dock till you may get down to the USB-C connector, which is hooked up to the opposite finish of the ribbon cable. Since you already launched one finish of the ribbon cable, you do not want to detach the opposite. Take the guard away from the USB connector, take away the springs and tiny screws till it is all clear.

There can also be that little inexperienced LED mild from earlier than. You can reattach it to the PCB if you want, and pack it into your new mini-dock, although you seemingly will not find a way to see the sunshine by means of the opaque shell except you drill a gap.

Build it up

Right, now it is time to throw all of it into our alternative. Place the shell with the highest facet down so you’ll be able to place the circuit board inside, and make sure that to match the IO is matched towards the minimize holes, so the HDMI and USB ports can be found. Screw within the high three screws within the holes on the PCB, and put the USB-C connector by means of the opening within the shell so it pops out the opposite facet and could be linked to the Switch. Screw that in too.

Make certain to join the ribbon cable once more to the PCB and clip down the lever afterward. Once that is achieved, nicely, you are virtually completed. Slap the opposite facet of the dock shell on, and screw within the 4 holes on the again, which you’ll be able to then cowl up with tiny rubber toes which can be supplied.

It actually is that easy. Plug all of it in and double-check it posts to the TV. If it would not, then you might have broken your PCB or ribbon cable. I did say to watch out, did not I? If it fails then open it up and make sure that every thing is hooked up. If your Switch doesn’t cost whereas hooked up and plugged in, it’s seemingly the ribbon cable, which could be changed on eBay.

Right! Congratulations! That’s all you want to do to build your self a extra moveable Switch dock! So, what’s the expertise like?


Well, in all honesty, every thing was fairly easy and simple. There aren’t actually any teardowns on-line, and even within the video linked to by the dock shell producer, which go into element about the place to discover all of the screws within the dock, although I received there ultimately. The greater situation was safely detaching the ribbon cable, which I solely discovered how to detach following a put up by a redditor livid that tutorials have been skipping this step.

Despite that small situation although, the method of transferring your Nintendo Switch dock into a smaller shell is not any extra dangerous or tough than cracking open your DualShock four controller to clear the buttons – one other factor I’ve achieved, which I might even perhaps say is extra awkward to put collectively the identical method.

But, whereas tearing down and transplanting the dock is not too arduous, when you wished to put every thing again into your authentic dock, you’d discover it a bit harder, thanks to some awkward screws and springs.

But the dock works precisely as supposed – it’s, for all intents and functions, an official Nintendo Switch dock, however in a way more moveable type issue. This DIY mission is fairly easy for rookies, and the kits on Amazon even embody all screws and screwdrivers you want for the mission. A pleasant bonus, particularly when you do not personal a tri-wing screwdriver.

So, would I like to recommend it? Well, when you commonly end up taking your Switch locations and wishing you could possibly dock it, completely. It’s not a lot greater than a deck of playing cards and works completely. A pleasant low-effort and a low-skill DIY mission which is practical and helpful.

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