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Best methodology for catching the Regi Legendary Giants

All of the Legendary Giants may be discovered lurking in these darkish caves we talked about earlier than, however that is truly fairly a pleasant little bonus.

Because they’re all in the identical form of space there’s one factor we’re assured of: Dusk Balls will work nice, and the Watt vendor to the South of the Snowside Slope will promote you as many Dusk Balls as you need.

Other than that, your technique for catching the Regi needs to be the identical as catching every other Legendary Pokémon: afflict Sleep or Paralysis, take their HP into the Red, after which prepare to throw as many Dusk or Ultra balls as doable.

Catching Registeel

Registeel is the best of the three Giants to find, fortunately, and the puzzle to get inside his area is not too tough both.

Registeel is positioned immediately South of Freezington, simply hug the wall in your proper as you exit the village from the South. You’ll shortly discover the entrance to the construction, and you will be in a position to learn the full puzzle trace on the door.

Figured it out? I’ve to admit, I could not fairly determine it out at first. You simply whistle. Click in the left stick, and you will whistle. I completely forgot that was a factor in this recreation. Head inside and stroll over the panels on the ground earlier than interacting with the statue to discover Registeel.

Catching Regirock

To discover Regirock you need to head South from the Old Cemetary. You’ll ultimately move underneath a stone arch – go underneath, after which stick to the left to discover the entrance to Regirock’s temple.

He has one other difficult puzzle. To resolve this one, it’s essential to make the Pokémon at the entrance of your social gathering maintain an Everstone. I fortunately already had 4 of those laying round in my stock.

The door will open, then you definately simply stroll over the panels on the ground and discuss to the statue to have interaction Regirock.

Catching Regice

Regice’s temple is unquestionably the most tough one to discover. Regice is on the path in direction of the Crown Shrine at the high of the Crown Tundra. Go to the Snowside Slope, North of the Watt vendor that sells Dusk Balls, after which head North whereas hugging the leftmost wall. You’ll ultimately uncover Regice’s area.

In order to acquire entry you may want to catch a completely new Pokémon – Cryogonal. Put a Cryogonal at the entrance of your social gathering, and the door will open. Luckily there are loads close by to catch if you do not have one already.

Just like the different temples, stroll over the panels on the ground and discuss to the statue to have interaction Regice – good luck!

Catching Regieleki or Regidrago

Once you have got lastly captured the different Regi, it is possible for you to to open the temple which homes both Regieleki or Regidrago, whichever you select.

This temple is close to the Frigid Sea – you may want to undergo the Roaring-Sea Caves, and to get right here you may go to the Stone Arch from once you discovered Regirock, however undergo a pathway on the north facet of the arch, main to the proper. Follow the path and the river to discover the Frigid Sea, after which soar in the water and stick to the proper to discover the temple.

In order to get inside the temple you may want all three of the captured giants, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, in your social gathering. Once inside there’s one other panel puzzle, however there is a selection to be made.

You’ll see outdoors the temple is break up in half, and above the door there are two sample puzzles. The sample on the left represents Regieleki, and the sample on the proper represents Regidrago.

Pick whichever you need, relying on whether or not you’d desire and Electric or Dragon sort Pokémon, after which stroll over the panels on the ground inside the temple to create the sample of the corresponding Pokémon on the ground.

Once achieved, discuss to the statue, and you will have summoned both Regieleki or Regidrago. Get these Dusk Balls out!

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