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SKVGames has launched Galaxy Genome, its cellular game about exploring deep space on the Google Play Android retailer.

Galaxy Genome is set in a universe the place humanity is going through extinction, with the perpetrators nonetheless remaining unknown. You pilot a small ship transporting contraband across the galaxy, which leads you to hassle with the legislation. As a end result, you’re pressured to make a take care of them and start your harmful space journey.

As properly as the primary storyline, there are additionally a lot of aspect missions to interact in freely as you discover the outer reaches of space. You can select your personal path, for instance changing into a wealthy service provider profiting off the confusion of the galaxy, or turn out to be a pirate who transporting unlawful items by it. Check out this trailer under to see extra.

Just to offer you a perspective of what Galaxy Genome has to supply, there are apparently over two billion star techniques to discover all whereas experiencing this thrilling plot. You also can modify your spaceship so it may well manoeuvre in a different way, as you maybe might wish to prioritise velocity over defence or wish to add weapons to your ship’s hull.

Galaxy Genome actually needs you to really feel such as you’re present on this universe, therefore why it offers you some selection in whether or not you wish to rob service provider ships or hunt for pirates. You also can extract sources from asteroid belts and gather analysis information from stellar techniques, giving it a methodical edge to the way you wish to develop your character.

If you wish to examine out Galaxy Genome for your self, you should definitely obtain it from the Google Play store for Android. It’s a premium title which prices £2.29 to play.

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