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The job system from the unique Final Fantasy video games is an odd selection for Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier to borrow from, nevertheless it really brings alongside some welcome selection to this new title in a populated style. Instead of solely relying in your favorite weapon to steer you to victory, it is possible for you to to reap the benefits of class-specific perks, abilities, and talents that may help you on the battlefield. As you play, you’ll develop your ‘style’ mastery and begin rising the powers of those kinds, turning into a veritable power to be reckoned with.

Each model has a selected melee weapon that they use, and so they even have units of particular bonuses that observe together with how that individual soldier would battle. As you get used to every one, you’ll probably work out which one works finest along with your playstyle, however all of them have a reasonably honest stability between one another. 

There’s no ‘rock-paper-scissors’ particular win in a firefight between one in opposition to one other, and more often than not, your resourcefulness will decide who comes out on prime. While The First Soldier kinds will not be finalised during the Beta, they do appear to be fairly effectively outlined, and hopefully, they stick with the same setup within the remaining launch.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Styles


Profile: The warrior is fast on their toes with a rush capability that offers you an extra increase of pace and an elevated melee attain that places you in vary for a longsword assault faster. You additionally acquire HP as you slash opponents, making the selection to maneuver in shut value it.

Weapon: Model 89 Longsword

Trait: Fearless Charge

Increases the gap which you can goal with a melee assault and creates a barrier once you assault the goal whereas transferring or once you use the Rush capability.

Ability: Rush

Grants you the flexibility to maneuver quickly within the course you’re dealing with.

Ability Upgrades:

Punisher – Increases melee assault harm, melee assault vary, and motion pace for a set period of time.

Skill: Siphon Slash

Recovers a set quantity of HP when harm is dealt utilizing a melee weapon.

Skill Upgrades: 

Warrior Spirit – Augments the barrier utilized by Fearless Charge and Rush.

Countershield – When you are taking harm, creates a barrier dealing with the course of the assault (restricted to as soon as per stage).


The First Soldier styles - Sorcerer

Profile: The sorcerer makes use of magic extra effectively with a lift to MP quantity and restoration pace. Can finally unlock the flexibility to see spells forged on the mini-map and hearth off extra highly effective spells sooner when put into their Trance, making them a spell-slinging spitfire to strike worry within the hearts of your opponents.

Weapon: Model 89 Staff

Trait: Magic Boost

Increases MP by 1 and augments Fire/Blizzard/Thunder materia.

Ability: Arcane Field

Creates a area that will increase MP restoration pace and cooldown restoration pace.

Ability Upgrades:

Trance – Reduces MP value, will increase materia Lv. by 1, and will increase motion pace briefly.

Skill: Concentration

Increases MP restoration pace.

Skill Upgrades:

Etheric Drain – Recovers HP/MP by a set quantity once you use Fire/Blizzard/Thunder materia to defeat an enemy candidate.

Magic Detector – When materia is used inside a sure proximity out of your location, the world of the impact shows on the mini-map.


Styles - monk

Profile: With solely their fists to defend themselves in a melee battle, it’s factor that they’ve each a barrier to guard from harm and methods to extend their well being, together with an added increase when it dips beneath 20%. When they’re nearing their demise, that’s once they turn out to be their strongest with an added increase to important assaults.

Weapon: Fists

Trait: Inner Strength

Automatically recovers a set quantity of injury when at 20% HP or much less for a set period of time and will increase important by 100% one time solely.

Ability: Manawall

Creates a defensive barrier in entrance of you that reduces harm.

Ability Upgrades:

Chakra Field – Creates a area that removes poison and continually recovers HP for candidates inside the sphere.

Skill: Revitalize

Increases the impact of HP restoration you carry out apart from consumables.

Skill Upgrades:

Chakra Unleashed – Immediately recovers HP when a certain quantity of injury is acquired without delay (restricted to as soon as per stage).

Awakened Strength – Increases the automated restoration quantity for the Inner Strength trait.


The First Soldier styles - Ranger

Profile: Focusing totally on concentrating on and monitoring others, the ranger is the grasp of their environment, and may manipulate their map to indicate location data for gamers, monsters, and different results. They can even go full stealth and cut back the sound of all their weapons, make their targets clearer of their scope, and even blind opposing snipers from concentrating on them. 

Weapon: Model 89 Shortsword

Trait: Mark

When you have got your scope skilled on an enemy candidate for a set period of time, or in the event you inflict harm, a marker is connected to the enemy candidate.

Ability: Assess

Marks close by candidates, monsters, blizzard results, and gravity results on the map.

Ability Upgrades:

Control – Grants you the flexibility to control a slug-ray to scout the encompassing space.

Skill: Sniper Eye

When trying by means of your scope, enemy candidates seem extra clearly.

Skill Upgrades:

Silencer – Reduces the firing sound of all weapons.

Acute Sense – When an enemy candidate has you of their scope, mirrored gentle seems, hindering their view.

It’ll take time to study and grasp every of those courses, however finally, you’ll be capable of wield your favourite model with nice talent. As the sport continues to develop, I’m positive there can be much more upgrades to unlock and abilities to brandish, however for now, there’s so much to unpack right here.

If you’re on the lookout for extra data about every of the weapons and try to determine your favourite earlier than you dive into your subsequent match, try our Weapons Guide for information and tips.

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