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Small Giant Games and Zynga has introduced that at present will see the latest instalment of Empire & Puzzles’ Costume Chamber Event. It’s set to run from at present till 20th January and can see 25 new costume designs added to the widespread match-3.

Discussing the occasion, Jose Saarniniemi, Managing Director of Small Giant Games mentioned: “What better way to defeat the enemy than to do it in style? With this update, players will have more options to customize heroes in battle, and these fresh designs each come with their own unique stats that grant exclusive abilities and increased powers to help players compete for glory.”

The arrival of those outfits signifies that all three, 4 and five-star traditional heroes from season one will be geared up with hero costumes. However, they may solely be accessible throughout this occasion and some other future costume occasions that happen. They vary from Rare to Legendary and can embody the following:

Rare costumes:

  • Oberon – Jester Remnant
  • Gan Ju – Root of Bamboo
  • Ulmer – Hermit of Glaceholm
  • Kailani – Magnanimous Mender
  • Jahangir – Wizard from the Sandsea
  • Nashgar – Last to Retreat
  • Graymane – Garlic Thief
  • Valen – Clean-Cut Climber
  • Dawa – Shaguadian Guardian

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Epic costumes:

  • Gormek – The Coveteus
  • Cyprian – Deathless Prince
  • Wu Kong – Monkey Ronin
  • Grimm – Heir of Evil
  • Colen – Fiery Bounty Hunter
  • Kelile – Shaman of Dragonia
  • Chao – Master Conservator
  • Scarlett – Assassin from the Sandsea
  • Sabina – Deathless Princess
  • Hu Tao – Bark of Bamboo

Legendary costumes:

  • Thorne – King Frostmorrow
  • Khagan – Avenger of Tribes
  • Obakan – Praetorian Gladiator
  • Marjana – Terror of Windemer
  • Justice – Ancient of the Sun
  • Leonidas – King of Sparta

Empires & Puzzles is accessible now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play recreation with in-app purchases.

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