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Double Pug Switch is an informal platformer from developer The Polygon Loft that’s available now for iOS and Android alongside consoles and PC. It initially launched mid-way via October however any recreation with a dimension shifting pug as its predominant character cannot go unmentioned.

The Polygon Loft have aimed to seek out that advantageous line that numerous cell builders try for between easy controls however a genuinely robust problem. The motion shall be dealt with by the titular pug itself while gamers should leap, hop and dimension swap their method via the sport’s ranges.

Not an excessive amount of in the best way of controls then, you’ll simply want to verify your timing is impeccable to keep away from getting caught on a spike or another disagreeable hazard. But other than leaping from one platform to the following, you’ll have to dimension swap too. This can be utilized to leap on platforms that aren’t in your present dimension or keep away from traps that would in any other case see the adorable pup meet an unlucky finish.

Outside of that, there shall be a number of power-ups that might be picked up that will assist you in your journey. These can both shrink, launch, bounce or speed up your pug via the degrees. You can try some gameplay from Double Pug Switch within the embedded trailer above.

There shall be a plethora of various hats to gather all through your journey to offer your pug a brand new look while there shall be cash scattered all through the levels that might be spent on stated hats. There are additionally particular purple cash that shall be slightly extra rigorously hidden to find too.

Double Pug Switch is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a premium title that prices $1.99 and additionally has further in-app purchases as properly. It’s additionally available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.

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