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Two new players have been added to Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team in a free replace for iOS and Android gadgets.

Alfredo Di Piazzolla and Diago Rossi have now stepped onto the soccer pitch, and these characters have been created below supervision by the original creator of the Captain Tsubasa manga, Yoichi Takahashi. They’re delivered to life by two fashionable voice actors, with Junko Minagawa taking part in the position of Piazzolla, and Rikiya Koyoma taking part in Rossi.

“It feels unreal to me that I get to be a character in the world of Captain Tsubasa,” stated Minagawa on taking part in a personality within the recreation. “Piazzolla’s hard work comes from his confidence and his positive personality; never forgetting to be grateful to everyone around him. I hope you can feel his overwhelming love of football come through.”

“Diago Rossi makes use of his large body to fulfill the goal of being a star that outshines any player in South America, Europe, or even worldwide,” says Koyama. “He is young but full of integrity, with a heart even bigger than his enormous body, which he can stop opponents with! He connects with his friends through his heart. He’s an upright and honest man. His humanity is what makes his talent, I can look up to that.”

To commemorate the new replace, a log-in bonus is now in impact in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. Simply obtain and log-in to the sport to obtain the two new characters, and clear the new situations added to obtain rewards comparable to Black Balls (SSR) and extra.

You can obtain Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team now from the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. It’s a free to play title that includes adverts and in-app purchases.

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