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The Last Train is a story-pushed adventure game that sees gamers taking on the function of the final pilot following the conclusion of an alternate historical past WW2. They’ll have to select which civilians to assist and which to ignore. Our reviewer Sergio Velasquez enjoyed his time with it, nevertheless it’s at all times good to get a couple of extra opinions, so we handed to the game over to our App Army. 

Here’s what they thought: 

Oksana Ryan

I discovered this game very repetitive. Pick up passengers, scavenge for meals and gas, drop off passengers and repeat. The graphics have been sombre, as standard, I turned the music off as a result of it droned, however the controls have been simple to use and at the start of the game, it was entertaining. However, the identical duties repeatedly along with the background scenes repeated with small variations gave the game a restricted enchantment. I performed it for about half an hour however that was enough to set up it wasn’t for me.

Michael Purdy

The Last Train performed on iPad Pro 10.5. A really atmospheric game with a quite simple gameplay arc. I fairly just like the artwork type. A variety of deep shadows. The solely colors are brown, black and white (with some purple right here and there) however I feel that helps the put up-apocalyptic theme. You choose up passengers and journey from station to station bringing them throughout North America. You can take any path you need however have a restricted variety of days to get there so it’s finest to select passengers on your route. You can gather sources by scavenging cities. I loved my time with it thus far, nevertheless it does really feel a bit repetitive.

Bruno Ramalho

I like dystopian put up-battle video games like this one, particularly when it is on the managing sources / crafting aspect of issues, however I discovered this game to be a bit boring and boring. It’s good when it begins, and it provides you excessive hopes. Some voice appearing, a darkish soundtrack, some planning to do, the place to take individuals throughout the timeframe wanted, get sources for the job and discover the cities for extra sources. But then it is just about the identical going ahead, rinse and repeat. I really feel no emotion from the individuals tales and background, and the crafting may be very primary. For individuals coming in for the primary time to this form of game, it may very well be a superb factor. But there’s nothing new right here, and others do a significantly better job at this. Oh, the mini-game with the gears when the practice is travelling, blergh, terrible.

Massimo Saraconi

I used to be excited by this game ‘cause I’m a fan of all that various dystopic put up-WWII backgrounds current in video games, books and flicks (sure, I really like The Man within the High Castle), however sadly, TLT provides nothing new to the administration-craft style, certainly it appears to be multiple step again in as of late, although it’s not that dangerous when it comes to graphics and sounds, it’s only a disgrace that its playability is actually boring, sadly I wouldn’t suggest it at this level. Some on-display texts, like states names on the map, are completely unreadable on an iPhone, one other motive to keep away from it.

Robert Maines

In the Last Train, you management a practice that picks up and drops individuals off because it weaves its means throughout the devastated USA simply after WW2. Passengers present sources that feed your practice crew and keep the engine operating. Graphically it’s attractively bleak however sadly gameplay is as boring as the color scheme. Not helped by a foolish cogs game that I by no means might get proper to scale back useful resource consumption. There are higher useful resource administration video games on the market, keep away from.

Mark Abukoff

I didn’t truly know something concerning the game past the fast abstract, so the opening scene with the alternate dystopian historical past caught my curiosity. Unfortunately, the game didn’t maintain that curiosity for very lengthy. I imply, the thought of transporting individuals throughout a put up-catastrophe America with completely different tales is fascinating, however actually there seems to be no meat to it. You choose up passengers for no matter goal and no matter vacation spot, drop them off wherever, and check out to keep transferring. They don’t appear (so far as I caught with it anyway) to be interconnected or overarching.

Very easy crafting. The little gear trick to strive to save gas responds with various sensitivity, which implies that it actually shouldn’t be there as a result of there’s no level attempting to grasp the meagre method. Really apart from the idea, the one factor I actually appreciated about it was the vibration impact because the practice took off. Yup, that’s it. And that doesn’t justify the ticket worth to me. So very like my passengers, the journey ended shortly. Sooner than anticipated. Sorry. Nice strive. If you’re a hardcore survival game fan, you would possibly take pleasure in this. But there are such a lot of others already on the market.

Brian Wigington

I’m a bit torn with my evaluation of this game, to be trustworthy. On one hand, the visible type and alt. History tone is fairly neat. On the opposite hand, I really feel like this is a rehash of Oregon Trail with a couple of tweaks. This just isn’t essentially a foul factor, however simply pay attention to this moving into. You management a practice that picks up passengers of your selection at completely different stations. The individuals all need to go someplace inside a specific amount of days. You have to plan your provides and route so as to maximize gas and meals consumption and get everybody the place they want to go.

Passengers pays you with numerous items or instruments and you can scavenge for them in any respect the cities situated close to the stations. There is a little bit of incremental development within the game as you make new issues to help you in your activity. As some have stated, it is a bit grindy however I discovered the game to be entertaining in 20 minutes bursts. I admit I’ve not tried the sandbox mode, however with some extra content material/options The Last Train might have higher replay worth. Overall, if you like useful resource administration within the type of the classics possibly choose it up on sale.

Glenn Goldberg

There’s an outdated saying about type over substance that floats by means of your head each time you play The Last Train. The black & white fake noir graphics are good to have a look at…and that’s a superb factor as a result of this is about all of the game (if you can name it that) has going for it.

The premise is easy. The worst has occurred and the nation lies in ruins. You, because the engineer of The Last Train, should ferry individuals throughout the nation whereas protecting your self alive and your practice operating. Upgrades can be found to be crafted. The survival cycle kicks in nearly instantly.

The drawback is available in when you notice, there’s nothing underneath this gothic-trying artwork type. Very little content material, little or no to do past grind…and sadly, the grind isn’t that engaging. I stored hoping for one thing fascinating to occur, nevertheless it by no means did. Unless you are a hardcore survival addict…and I don’t assume even then The Last Train will seize you, I simply can’t suggest it.

Jc Ga

The gameplay is uninteresting and the game is sorely missing in content material. The visuals may very well be fascinating, however it’s painful to carry these unidentified passengers from left to proper whereas ready for a cutscene to be triggered with out motive and with out a lot curiosity both. The identify of the game is conducive to dreaming, however the simplicity of this software, so empty truly, makes many remorse of the nice adventure supplied within the Transarctica practice a very long time in the past (a game of 1993)!

If you need a survival crafting game in a darkish and warlike environment, there is no such thing as a motive to not replay This battle of mine as an alternative. And if you need to play with a bit practice and to trade between cities, select the undervalued « Wizards and Wagons » which affords far more enjoyable!

Torbjörn Kämblad

Snowpiercer, there I stated it… Originally a film, however lately additionally a collection on Netflix a couple of practice operating when the remainder of the world is frozen. The Last Train performs on the identical concept with a world the place just one practice is left up operating.
If I hadn’t seen the present or heard of the film I’d in all probability have thought The Last Train to be up to some distinctive concepts. Now I do know it would not. Rather it looks like a game attempting to be Snowpiercer with out being Snowpiercer. Adding a crafting system that’s as mild as including cheese to a sandwich calling it crafting.

The presentation is easy, and by no means will get me hooked. The voice actor for the seldomly occurring cutscenes sounds as bored as me, and I find yourself attempting to discover areas on the display to poke to transfer on.

The Last Train tries to mix the rugged harrowing feeling of Snowpiecer with Crazy Taxi selecting up an dropping off passengers throughout the US. It is a mixture that by no means will get me engaged as there may be too little to care about.
The gameplay itself is easy as you simply set a vacation spot, and off you go. There are some cogs minigame the place you can match the inexperienced areas however as I by no means managed to hit it proper I do?t know what it does.

I am unable to suggest The Last Train to anybody at this time. The game wants to be put again in growth to determine if it needs to be a Snowpiercer dystopian game our if it needs to be a Crazy Taxi survival game. As it stands now it’s as half baked as President Trump’s concepts concerning the future.

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