A Hands-On Look At Neo: The World Ends With You

Neo: The World Ends With You challenges gamers to outlive a lethal new Reaper’s Game this July. To prepare for what’s in retailer, I sat down and performed by means of two full in-game days to get a style of how Square Enix has modified and improved the expertise that the 2008 authentic a cult basic. 

Story was a giant motive why The World Ends With You turned so beloved so, for many who need to go in contemporary, I’ll keep away from discussing particular narrative beats for Neo. Instead, I’ll break down the sport’s two main pillars, fight and exploration, to provide a way of what they entail and the way it’s shaping up up to now. 


Neo’s fight is team-focused this time round, with protagonist Rindo main his squad, the Wicked Twisters, up the ranks of the revamped Reaper’s Game. As we beforehand revealed, gamers management the Wicked Sisters concurrently with actions for every member mapped to a particular button. If you’re a fan of video games with related setups, like Valkyrie Profile or Indivisible, you will most likely really feel proper at house. 

Overall, the motion is satisfying and fast-paced if not chaotic. You assume direct management of the character you’re at the moment attacking with, which additionally lets you dodge with stated character. To swap to a different teammate, merely assault with them. Hitting three buttons whereas monitoring the respective cool-down meters of the pins outfitted to them, whereas additionally dodging and switching enemy focus, does have a really feel of rubbing your stomach and patting your head. There’s loads to juggle, and I solely had three of the 4 celebration members.  

I progressively obtained a grasp of issues and had a greater time once I started enjoying extra strategically, staggering assaults to make sure I had no less than one or two strikes prepared whereas others recharged. That stated, it’s simple for fight to devolve into simply spamming assaults which can be enjoyable in a senseless sense. The two bosses I confronted, nonetheless, required a bit extra finesse in timing my assaults due how a lot sturdier and and faster they had been. 

In phrases of pins, which dictate your offensive skills, I gave Rindo variations of a melee slash assault. His buddy Fret specialised in fireball type projectiles. Minamimoto, the powerhouse of the bunch, utilized charge-style heavy assaults, comparable to a flying kick and summoning ice pillars to launch foes airborne. There’s a rhythm to dealing out every character’s offense as a result of various speeds at which they act. Nailing assaults in succession triggers a type of stagger state within the enemy rendering defenseless for a quick interval and permitting gamers to deal further harm. Overall, fight is rather more concerned than within the authentic, and I had enjoyable experimenting with completely different potential loadouts to take down monsters with. 

On the topic of pins, there are dozens upon dozens of them to gather. The ones I obtained primarily got here from defeated foes in addition to scripted story moments. Pins degree up and develop into stronger the extra you utilize them. They all have a tough cap that does not take too lengthy to hit, which inspired me to at all times need to swap out for contemporary pins to degree up (one thing I obsessed over within the authentic). 

Enemies can solely be seen and encountered whereas in scan mode, and so they take the type of fiery purple vitality balls. Walk into it, and also you’ve obtained a struggle in your arms. However, you too can run into a number of enemies to interact in back-to-back battles. The good thing about this strategy is incomes better rewards in addition to having the ability to clear the streets a bit quicker – for a short time no less than. I started stacking battles extra typically for the reason that fights themselves did not take lengthy within the early going, and it is an effective way to achieve extra expertise and stronger pins before later. 

Exploration And Puzzle-Solving 

Shibuya is greater than ever because of the shift to full 3D environments. Despite this, the digital camera is fastened with the angle altering as you enter completely different areas. I typically choose to have direct management of the view, however the digital camera angles had been largely unobtrusive and at all times confirmed me what I wanted to see. 

Like the primary sport, you’ll wander the streets and use your scan potential to learn the ideas of pedestrians. While most of those psychological musings are mundane, some puzzles required me to go looking particular ideas for options. Another required me to look out for multicolored skulls, which had been well-hidden amongst varied components of a metropolis intersection. In the primary sport, you largely moved from Point A to Point B with out a lot do in between that exterior of preventing and procuring at distributors. That’s not the case in Neo. The sport threw extra puzzles at me within the early hours than I anticipated. They weren’t loopy sophisticated, however I appreciated their variety and so they supplied welcomed breaks to the preventing.

My favourite puzzles concerned utilizing Fret’s psychic potential, Rewind. One mission tasked us with monitoring down a graffiti artist to find the unique look of a design that had since been painted over. First we needed to scan round for a thoughts acquainted with the artist’s look. Once I did, activating Rewind pressured that individual to give attention to that individual reminiscence. This takes the type of a reduce up image, the items of which come collectively by rotating each analog sticks within the right positions till the psychological picture turns into entire once more. Once I obtained a transparent view of my topic, all that was left was to go looking the streets round till I discovered the artist. 

It’s a neat little energy, and each member of the Wicked Twister their very own distinctive potential. We already find out about Rindo’s Rewind energy, which permits to relive and alter sure occasions as soon as per day throughout scripted sequences. I’m itching to see what the opposite staff members carry to the desk. 

This is only a pattern of what Neo: The World Ends With You has to supply, however I had a good time exploring this expanded Shibuya and attending to know Rindo and the gang. The appeal and sense of fashion that made first sport so endearing appears to be intact however with much more bells and whistles on the gameplay aspect of issues. To study extra concerning the sport, try this listing of 6 other aspects about the game we realized throughout an interview with the event staff. 

Neo: The World Ends With You launches for PlayStation four and Switch on July 27 and involves PC later this yr.

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