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This web page explains what Affinity does in Monster Hunter Rise. Affinity is a stat related to weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, and may be both optimistic or detrimental. Affinity is synonymous with Critical Chance in Monster Hunter rise.

What Does Affinity Do in Monster Hunter Rise?

Affinity, to place it merely, is Critical Chance – how doubtless a weapon is to land a essential assault. Each weapon has an Affinity stat the place the possibility to carry out further harm is displayed as a proportion. If your weapon reveals a detrimental worth for Affinity, then this can decide how doubtless you’re to ship a weak assault.

A essential hit will deal 25% bonus harm, whereas a weak assault as a consequence of detrimental Affinity will deal 25% much less harm.
Affinity does not apply to Elemental Damage – solely the uncooked harm of the weapon. For Affinity to use to Elemental Damage, you will need to equip the Armor Skill Crit Element.

How Can You Tell If You Land a Critical Hit?

When you land a essential hit in Monster Hunter Rise, you will notice a purple slash by the harm quantity – as seen within the screenshot under.

How to Raise Affinity

The best option to increase Affinity (Critical Chance) in Monster Hunter Rise is by first getting a weapon that already has optimistic Affinity, after which equipping sure Armor Skills that increase affinity as nicely.

  • Critical Eye – Increases base Affinity
  • Weakness Exploit – Increases Affinity when hitting a monster’s weak factors
  • Latent Power – Increases affinity for a brief period of time when sure circumstances are met
  • Agitator – Increases Affinity when a monster is Enraged (purple eye icon on map)
  • Maximum Might – Increases Affinity when Stamina is full
  • Critical Draw – Increases Affinity for a short while after drawing weapon
  • Affinity Sliding – Increases Affinity quickly after sliding on environmental terrain


See How to Upgrade Armor Skills for extra data.

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