Warhammer 40K: Darktide author Dan Abnett on Space Marines and lasguns

Warhammer 40,00Zero is a universe of unparalleled scale. It’s a spot the place genetically modified tremendous troopers known as Space Marines battle in bloody trenches in opposition to fearsome aliens. Above them, semi-sentient warfare machines the dimensions of New York City blocks grapple with interdimensional demons. As you may think about, that form of narrative brinkmanship in the end makes issues troublesome for online game builders.

How do recreation builders make the participant really feel in danger, as an illustration, with out additionally making them really feel weak? How do they amp up the strain with out making issues so grim and darkish that gamers merely don’t wish to play any extra? For developer Fatshark, makers of the upcoming cooperative shooter Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, job one was calling in an professional — author Dan Abnett.

Abnett isn’t any stranger to writing for video video games. He served because the co-writer on the critically acclaimed Alien: Isolation. But he’s additionally properly regarded inside the 40Ok fandom because the universe’s biggest novelist. He has authored scores of books within the setting, amongst them seminal works that dial the clock again 10 millennia to put the foundations of the universe. His two most enduring characters, Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn and Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt, stand aside for being significantly human. When it involves telling the story of the frequent man — or at the least for what passes for a standard man within the 12 months 40,000 — Abnett is just about the professional.

“We made a decision quite early on not to go with […] any type of Space Marine,” stated Anders De Geer, recreation director on Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, referring to the genetically engineered tremendous troopers that generally take middle stage. “We wanted to portray the world from a slightly different angle, and so who better than Dan.”

“The reader, I think, derives a great deal more from identifying with and relating to a human character caught up in this enormous universe,” Abnett stated. “And, to my delight, that’s exactly what they’ve done with this game. They’ve not gone for the obvious Space Marine angle, and that you end up participating as a human […] I think is really exciting in terms of the sort of how vulnerable you are.”

A spire rises into orbit from the surface of a polluted, yellowed world.

Hive metropolis Tertium.
Image: Fatshark

In Darktide, gamers will start the sport as a prisoner conscripted into the warband of an elite Inquisitor, a particular agent with absolute authority granted by the Emperor of Mankind. Their activity might be to uncover proof of Chaos infiltration within the hive metropolis of Tertium, a large spire the dimensions of a continent and the house to billions of human laborers. On every other world, the answer to a Chaos infiltration could be a massed assault by a detachment of Space Marines or, barring that, an orbital bombardment that may flip the floor of the planet right into a sheet of glass. But the Inquisitor, on this occasion, is trying a much more surgical strategy.

“They don’t want to lose this hive,” Abnett stated, because it features as an industrial world churning out the weapons of warfare wanted for battles elsewhere within the universe. “They want to see if they can they can secure it. So what we’ve got as a dynamic for driving the entire game forward is an Inquisitor character who is investigating the hive. He is essentially sending his warband, his teams of investigators, into the hive to find out everything they can, to purge the taint of Chaos wherever they can find it; but to also draw out information and add things together so that they can try and actually uproot this thing and get rid of it without having to take the entire hive down.”

The warband that gamers get assigned to is, primarily, a unit of Imperial Guards. These are the frequent foot troopers of the armies of mankind, deployed by the thousands and thousands as cannon fodder to fortify worlds underneath siege. These aren’t tremendous troopers, however they’re not pushovers both. Some, just like the Cadians, have been educated since start to battle and win in opposition to humanity’s strongest foes. Abnett says that the brokers of Chaos contained in the Tertium hive positively high quality.

“There is […] that sense of fragility and mortality,” Abnett stated, “which is the Imperial Guard in a nutshell; the idea that they they’re not indomitable, transhuman creatures that can walk through a hail of fire in their ceramite armor and survive everything. That gives you a sort of life expectancy that is very, particularly short if you don’t work as a team. If these things get you, they’re going to get you and they’re going to get you good.”

But what about these lasguns? Imperial Guardsmen have, within the lore of 40Ok, historically fielded solely essentially the most inferior weapons. When not outright faulty, these tiny peashooters are serially incapable of denting the forces of Chaos’ thick, chitinous hides. Turns out Abnett has thought that side of the Guard by way of as properly.

“Lasguns feature a lot in things like the Gaunt’s Ghosts novels,” Abnett stated, “and I always write about them as if they are the 40K equivalent or analogue of modern battlefield assault weapons. These are military grade, they’re powerful, they are not for civilian use. And I think the game has really captured that well.”

Fatshark says they’ve labored instantly with Games Workshop, poring by way of the corporate’s line of miniatures to find out how troopers service and fireplace these weapons.

“That has been a long journey,” de Geer stated with a sigh. “Looking at the plastic miniatures, they are often also quite old. And so we have been like, ‘What do you use these small dots on the plastic thing for, and how do you [aim down] iron sights with a lasgun?’ We did a lot of concept work, sent that back and forth. We haven’t added shapes that sort of break the plastic models at all, but we rather included everything that we needed and used shapes that are already on the plastic miniatures.”

“A lasrifle is actually a very effective jack-of-all-trades weapon,” Abnett continued. “It’s the basic sort of survival tool of the universe. But there comes a point where it actually appears to be sort of a peashooter because of the scale at which things get to, and I think that’s a very, very cool thing about this universe indeed.”

Expect Warhammer 40,000: Darktide to reach for Windows PC and Xbox Series X someday in 2021.

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