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There’s a story motive for why this recreation is named The Pathless, however the title can be a reference to the way it’s imagined to be performed. It’s an open-world puzzle recreation with emphases on exploration and expert traversal, and also you are supposed to wander and expertise its world as you discover it, fairly than as a collection of guidelines goals. The Pathless’ huge, puzzle-stuffed nature creates a pleasant, quiet house for operating by way of the woods, lining up some tough pictures together with your bow, and shedding your self within the second.

In The Pathless, you’re a lady merely often known as the Hunter. You’ve come to liberate a ruined land, empty of all human life save for a masked villain known as the Godslayer. The land’s protector deities, often known as The Tall Ones, have reworked into villainous beasts that roam the wilderness. With the assistance of your eagle, an avatar of the eldest god, it’s essential to free the spirits and save the land. The plot is limited–aside from a couple of sparring exchanges between the Hunter and The Godslayer, the overall tenor is solely, “keep going.”

The Pathless on PS5
The Pathless on PS5

To free the Tall Ones, it’s essential to gather their seals and reactivate monuments scattered round their domains. Each of the 4 areas is a ravishing, sprawling wilderness, with sweeping plains, peaceable rivers, and excessive rocky peaks. Hills and valleys are sparsely dotted with indicators of life, previous and present–friendly animals, ruins, and large skeletons. There are simply sufficient setpieces in every space so that there is all the time a brand new goal on the horizon, with out making the world really feel crowded and even populated. When you are operating from place to put, you’re feeling such as you’re in nature–not a wasteland or a destroy, however someplace untouched. It feels fairly serene to run by way of.

Despite having little or no plot, the world feels wealthy and textured, due to a extremely particular architectural type and descriptive notes you will discover with perception into the land’s historical past, in addition to the Godslayer’s. That specificity makes the world really feel extra cohesive and lived-in, which in flip makes it extra attention-grabbing to discover.

You do not must scour aimlessly, although: You have a headscarf, which supplies you a particular imaginative and prescient mode that highlights areas of curiosity in addition to puzzles you have already solved. Even with out it, indicators of civilization usually result in some form of exercise. With or with out the imaginative and prescient mode, chasing after the glowing purple puzzle spots nonetheless appears like a type of directed wandering; you by no means know what puzzles you will stumble throughout alongside the best way, nor have you learnt whether or not a puzzle will reward you with a seal or one thing else.

And typically, your wandering will get interrupted. As you seek for seals to save lots of the Tall Ones, they’re searching you down. An enormous purple cloud roves across the map, kind of randomly. If you’re caught up in it, you are compelled right into a stealth sequence the place it’s essential to keep away from the corrupted god and attain your downed eagle, which is injured by the storm. While it is a good suggestion, in principle, to create some battle, these sequences are extra of a nuisance than something. I all the time went in impatient, and located that I simply needed to return to exploring or determining the puzzle I used to be on.

Despite her title, the Hunter by no means kills anybody, and there is barely any fight in The Pathless. The Hunter has a bow, but it surely’s principally used as a traversal and puzzle-fixing device. All around the globe, there are floating eye icons, which you’ll shoot to partially refill your stamina meter and increase your momentum. If you discover a rhythm with operating, sliding, leaping, and timing your pictures nicely, you may dash internationally with superhuman velocity. It’s an intuitive system, although it takes time to learn to decide targets and time pictures in an effort to preserve operating indefinitely. But, whenever you do, it virtually appears like flying.


Your different technique of conveyance is your eagle pal. After a bounce, you may press bounce once more to have the eagle seize your arm and assist you to glide throughout massive gaps. If you press bounce once more, the eagle has a flap skill that can launch you straight into the air, extending your glide. When they do not result in seals, most puzzles reward you with golden orbs, which finally energy up the flap to offer you further jumps. A talented participant can principally fly; in case you bounce from a excessive level on the map, time your flaps nicely, and shoot eye symbols to construct momentum, you may cowl an unimaginable distance. And surveying the huge world from the air is breathtaking.

When you arrive at a puzzle, the bow and eagle additionally change into your main puzzle-fixing instruments. Though there are dozens of puzzles in every zone, all of them fall into a couple of classes. There are a couple of sorts of trick-shot puzzles. Sometimes it’s essential line up an arrow to undergo a flame to gentle a set of torches; in others, it’s essential line up a collection of stone rings so you may shoot by way of them and hit a goal. There are change puzzles, which principally contain utilizing the eagle to choose up stone weights from afar and putting them as wanted. Sometimes you will enter an space the place a darkish aura incapacitates your eagle, forcing you to scale a constructing with out gliding or flapping. Though there are a restricted variety of puzzle archetypes, they constantly require you to be aware, which makes them attention-grabbing to resolve. And there’s one thing very satisfying about rapidly firing off a shot that bounces throughout 5 torches, despite the fact that there is not a lot ability to it in your half.

And sure, once in a while, you do have to make use of the bow to struggle. Each space will get capped off with a multi-part boss battle with a glowing, purple corrupted beast-god. Though you dodge projectiles and shoot weak factors, they really feel extra like puzzles than boss encounters from extra fight-heavy video games. Not all of the phases play out as combat–one has a number of cover-and-search sections the place it’s essential keep in cowl to keep away from getting burnt by hearth breath–and those that do are pure sample recognition.

The Pathless on PS5
The Pathless on PS5

These fights hit some unimaginable highs and a few sore lows. Each one opens with a chase sequence the place you must chain image pictures to run, meet up with your prey, after which shoot its weak factors. Imbuing the traversal with extra objective than merely shifting quick actually elevates these mechanics, exhibiting how sleek you might be and the way fluidly the traversal flows.

On the opposite hand, the nearer the sport involves providing a conventional fight situation, the extra toothless the encounter turns into. You cannot actually lose–when you get hit, you lose some stamina and the part silently resets–so these phases lack tooth. You could make it midway by way of certainly one of these sequences 4 or 5 occasions and it simply feels such as you’re in limbo.

There are solely a handful of these moments within the recreation, although. Most of The Pathless performs to its mechanical strengths, free-type exploration, satisfying motion, and methodical puzzle-fixing. At occasions, that lowers the stakes somewhat an excessive amount of, but it surely maximizes the form of gameplay the sport is known as for. For a participant like me, who bee-strains for an goal each time, it is refreshing to easily take issues as they arrive. The Pathless is the uncommon recreation that offers you extra by not asking an excessive amount of, and that makes it particular.

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