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In my unique overview of The Outer Worlds, certainly one of my takeaways was that it had robust worldbuilding which was enhanced by its audiovisual course. That was primarily based on dozens of hours with the PC model of the sport. The recreation now has a port on Nintendo Switch, and having the ability to play a title as expansive as The Outer Worlds on the system is spectacular. But naturally, the massive compromise that it makes so as to run on the comparatively much less highly effective console is within the visible splendour of its world.

As I’ve come to anticipate in Switch ports of graphically-intensive video games, the concessions most noticeably come within the type of a really low stage of element, considerably decreased environmental objects, and the absence of many ambient and put up-processing visible results, amongst different issues. The result’s a fuzzy, watercolour-like picture of a barren world, and also you actually lose a variety of the awe that comes with seeing the sport’s massive, lush open areas and intricately detailed cities. But extra importantly, the low visible constancy makes it harder to identify enemy characters–especially at mid-to-lengthy-vary, and particularly utilizing the Switch’s handheld mode; they have a tendency to mix collectively, typically sharing the identical muted color palettes.

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Screenshots from the Nintendo Switch model, docked (left) and the PC model (proper)
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Quite a few instances I might be shocked by an enemy immediately in entrance of me, not noticing them till I noticed their consciousness icon pop up (UI and HUD parts stay sharp and distinct). The recreation additionally runs at a sub-30 frames-per-second price, with heavier stuttering throughout frenetic conditions and when transferring by way of areas rapidly. In the latter case, the sport will typically pause fully to load the atmosphere when you’re sprinting by way of the world.

For a recreation that enables for numerous completely different approaches when tackling its quests and encounters, which means some avenues of play are much more troublesome than they need to be. I began the Switch model with the intention of focussing on an extended weapons construct, which depends on distance, accuracy, and a variety of motion. But as a result of it was so arduous to parse the motion as a result of aforementioned visible points, I discovered that I needed to rapidly swap to a slower-paced, nearer-ranged stealth strategy, in addition to deliver the issue again all the way down to Regular to keep away from letting myself boil over in frustration. Likewise, I settled into specializing in my character’s Charm statistics so as to settle extra quests by way of dialogue, regardless of eager to strive a distinct approach on the onset, as a result of I discovered myself eager to keep away from fight as a lot as I might.

But you’ll be able to’t fully keep away from fight in The Outer Worlds, and although recognizing your enemy will be a problem, the Switch model of the sport introduces a few new accessibility options to allay a number of the difficulties–optional gyro controls allow you to fantastic-tune your crosshairs and the digital camera whereas utilizing Joy-Cons or a Pro Controller, and an intention-help possibility can auto-lock your crosshairs to an enemy’s head or torso whenever you intention down sights. The recreation’s present Tactical-Time Dilation mechanic, which helps you to decelerate time to crawl so as to allow you to line up pin-level photographs and apply standing results, additionally helps out an incredible deal here–which make the perks that buff this potential positively greater on the listing of should-have abilities for the Switch model.

But all of that solely helps get fight to a serviceable state. In my unique overview, I remarked on how there was a “hectic and fast-paced fluidity” to the fight in The Outer Worlds. I nonetheless keep in mind the thrill of leaping head-first right into a pack of enemies, dashing by way of the air, spinning round, utilizing TTD to gradual time and crippling a pack of bandits in seconds, residing out my finest goofy area cowboy fantasies. I do not get that very same sense of fluidity within the Switch model. I am unable to run right into a bandit outpost with weapons blazing, as a result of when a dozen enemies come charging at me the sport’s efficiency goes to tank, and it may be a lot tougher to make my photographs.

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Screenshots from the Nintendo Switch model, docked (left) and the PC model (proper)

In my unique overview, I additionally remarked that the default issue made fight a bit too straightforward, and did not push you to discover numerous adjoining mechanics that had been in service of creating fight extra interesting–things like elemental harm, gear modding, companion synergies, and the particular results allowed by consumables. These issues come into play much more in greater difficulties, however within the Switch model, there are already much more challenges that make fight more durable and cease me from having the ability to excel in the identical approach that I can on different platforms. Simply put, the fight within the Switch model of The Outer Worlds can by no means attain the identical highs.

Combat efficiency, visible grandeur, and longer load instances apart, nonetheless, that is nonetheless the identical recreation because it exists on different platforms. The memorable characters who inhabit the world and their attention-grabbing tales of residing below a weird dystopia of company oppression are nonetheless right here. The companions you choose up alongside the best way are nonetheless as endearing and fleshed out as they’re in different variations. The recreation’s layered, branching, and interweaving questlines are nonetheless intact, and are an interesting factor to slowly pull aside as you proceed your journey. The fantastic thing about The Outer Worlds is that you do not should be the galaxy’s most competent gunslinger so as to get probably the most out of it. If you’ve got the means to play it on one other platform, achieve this. But in case you do not, there’s nonetheless an incredible, trendy RPG beneath the outside.

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