Serious Sam 4 Review – The Fourth Encounter

In Serious Sam 4, the long-running FPS sequence might have lastly discovered a workable id. Through every entry, developer Croteam has held onto the core gameplay loop that outlined Sam’s preliminary jaunt throughout Egypt. You will all the time back-pedal, you’ll all the time circle-strafe, and you’ll all the time struggle dozens of Sam’s memorable cadre of alien enemies directly. But, at occasions, that loop has been obscured by a few of the unusual choices Croteam has made with the sequence. It was by no means damaged, however every recreation finds the developer making an attempt to repair it.

Enter Serious Sam 4, one more reinvention that appears to attract from each interval of the sequence’ lengthy life. As in Serious Sam 3, the graphics are life like (although a bit stiff). As in Serious Sam 2, there’s vehicular fight and humor to spare (and a stunning portion of the jokes land). And, as in First and Second Encounter, the gameplay is razor-sharp and front-and-center. It’s been 9 years for the reason that final mainline entry, and in that point we have witnessed the revival of circle-strafing shooters because of video games each massive (Doom) and small (Dusk). But, on this newly crowded panorama, Serious Sam 4 has a secret weapon. Croteam is solely keen to throw a ridiculous variety of enemies at you always and it has the tech to tug it off.

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In this outing, which capabilities as a prequel to The First Encounter, Sam and a small group of resistance fighters are trying to push again the villainous Mental’s assault on Earth. The alien horde has already received, however the resistance hopes to attain a strategic benefit by monitoring down the Holy Grail, which is definitely an alien artifact hidden someplace among the many artwork and structure of an impressively unspoiled Italy.

As Sam embarks on this quest, he faces down a well-known horde of enemies with a well-known arsenal of weapons. If you’ve got performed Serious Sam earlier than, you will acknowledge most of them. There’s the Sirian Werebull, a fleshy creature with horns that prices headlong at you, except you may take it out with a couple of well-timed blasts out of your double shotgun. The Beheaded Kamikaze, which boasts a pair of bombs rather than fingers and a scream you may hear from a mile away, can also be again, and can drive you to select it off earlier than it will get shut sufficient to blow up. It can be led into a bigger crowd of enemies earlier than you shoot, setting off a powder keg of blood and gibs. One of my private favorites, the Reptiloid, typically posts up on a tower, then hurls acid inexperienced homing missiles that can observe you till they discover their goal, or till you shoot them out of the air.

It’s a formidable roster composed of a few of the most memorable and well-designed enemies in gaming. The Serious Sam model–drop a ton of enemies in an enviornment and dare you to return out on top–only works as a result of every enemy is straightforward to acknowledge and, because of this, internalize and bear in mind find out how to deal with. Say you hear the Beheaded Kamikaze’s signature scream and swap to your assault rifle to deal with the dozen the sport throws at you earlier than they get shut sufficient to blow up. Once they’re dispatched, you hear the bottom rumble beneath the toes of the Sirian Werebull and pull out the rocket launcher to complete the herd off with a string of one-hit kills. But then a pair of Reptiloids seems on far off towers, so you turn to the sniper rifle to select them, and their homing projectiles, off from a distance. All of this occurs within the area of some seconds and the sport not often does you the favor of sending every group individually. But the enemies are outlined by distinctive designs, behaviors, and infrequently audio cues, so that you’re not often caught unexpectedly.

As Sam manages these crowds, the chiseled hero attracts on the identical spectacular arsenal he is wielded for the reason that starting (and some new instruments, as nicely). The rocket launcher returns, now with an improve that lets you lock on to a number of enemies. The minigun is crucial for crowd management, ripping via dozens of aliens in a matter of seconds. And, my favourite, the transportable cannon, is again, too, permitting Sam to launch large cannonballs into enemies, destroying even the meanest minotaurs in a couple of hits. Each gun has its use, and I loved the method of determining which gun labored greatest in opposition to which enemy. You may also broaden your roster of instruments by finishing facet quests–a new addition in Serious Sam 4. Sometimes these diversions grant you a weapon mod, like that rocket launcher improve. Other occasions, it would grant you a gadget, which may run the gamut from well being kits to transportable black holes or a bomb that slows down time for everybody however Sam. These devices might help flip the tide in battle, however you discover them so not often that you should be picky with how you employ them. As a consequence, they do not really feel like a serious addition; extra like an fascinating contact.

My largest gripe with the sport is that it not often offers you area and time to marvel at a weapon’s energy. As quickly as you get the cannon, you will be launched right into a struggle that calls for you employ it in opposition to each enemy simply to maintain up. In this fashion, the sport typically robs you of any actual feeling of energy. Sure, you are obliterating Reptiloids in a single hit, which is cool. But the sport overcompensates by throwing a dozen Reptiloids at you directly. Instead of offering a chance to understand the cannon’s one-shot one-kill energy, Serious Sam 4 skips straight to creating you are feeling such as you’re barely scraping by, cannon however. You’re continually in your again foot, which may make the (in any other case glorious) fight start to really feel a bit repetitive. I really like the strain of Serious Sam 4’s fights, racing round hordes of enemies, trying to select the best weapon to purchase myself a second’s peace. But the sport not often offers that stress a launch valve, and because of this, it may be exhausting to play.

The Bull Monster in Serious Sam 4
The Bull Monster in Serious Sam 4

In powerful fights, it helps that, no less than a few of the time, Sam has a workforce he can depend on. In this entry, you are joined by a squad of troopers who might help take enemies down in battle. Given how frenzied late-game battles are, I used to be all the time grateful to have any assist I might get. Each member of the squad matches fairly neatly into well-known archetypes: the priest who’s helpful with a shotgun; the paranoid conspiracy theorist; the feminine soldier who can kick simply as a lot ass because the boys; the brand new recruit who cannot fairly maintain his personal in battle but. These are dependable inventory characters, and I principally loved watching the group banter. A operating joke has every of the squadmates trying to proffer the most effective one-liner after dispatching baddies. These moments made me chortle out loud on a couple of events and, extra surprisingly, the story truly manages to land a heartfelt beat or two alongside the way in which.

Serious Sam 4’s reliance on tropes is not all the time innocent, although. There are two males from marginalized backgrounds on Sam’s squad, and each fall fairly neatly into racial stereotypes. Rodriguez, a Mexican-American soldier, peppers his speech with phrases like “cajones,” “culo” and “pendejo.” This trope, which sees Latinx characters dropping Spanish phrases into in any other case English sentences, is frequent in video games, employed by writers to spotlight a personality’s Latin-ness. But, as Latinx critics have identified, it is an ignorant portrayal of the way in which bilingual Latinx individuals truly converse. Similarly, a Black character on this recreation falls into a well known trope that feels dated and has for years. I might have liked to have seen Croteam put even just a bit little bit of thought into the methods they dealt with the writing round these character’s racial identities.

The story can also be sometimes hampered by the sport’s technical points. While Serious Sam 4 on PC ran at or round 60 fps throughout frantic motion, incessantly hitched throughout cutscenes. Pop-in was additionally a constant drawback out and in of cutscenes, with background textures typically arriving halfway via a shot or a couple of seconds after a stage started. Both of those issues plagued my preliminary playthrough and continued even after Croteam put out an enormous day one patch on Wednesday. I additionally skilled a corrupted save, which induced the sport to crash to desktop after I tried to load it.

Serious Sam 4 captured on PC
Serious Sam 4 captured on PC

This all contributes to the sensation that this recreation continues to be a bit tough across the edges. While Serious Sam 4 performs (and principally appears to be like) nice in fight, its characters look fairly stiff. This matches Sam simply superb; should you performed The First Encounter again within the day, you will bear in mind the moments when the digital camera shifted to a third-person view as Sam ran, ramrod straight, to the following stage. It matches Sam’s particular number of generic motion hero cool. But for different characters? Not a lot. One scene that reveals a crowd of resistance troopers cheering after the often reticent Sam offers a rousing speech is especially uncanny, with every character’s eyes bugging of their pale faces as they applaud woodenly. I’ve not often been extra conscious that I used to be watching 3D fashions undergo the motions they had been rigged to carry out.

Luckily, the fight is as quick and fluid because the cutscenes are gradual and creaky. Thanks to Croteam’s spectacular tech, Serious Sam 4 can now throw an much more ridiculous variety of enemies at you at one time than ever earlier than. Some late-game fights put Sam within the midst of the largest fights I’ve ever skilled in a recreation; they’re the closest approximations I’ve seen in a first-person shooter to the precise dimension and scale of what a violent battle for the planet would possibly truly appear like. The solely drawback is the frequency with which Serious Sam 4 leans on this trick. I benefit from the fight so much, however exterior of watching the story unfold via cutscenes, it truly is all that you just’re doing. It’s a tense and exacting recreation that can typically have you ever leaning facet to facet as you strafe, completely engrossed in Sam’s bloody wrestle for survival. But it is exactly as a result of that core is so tense that I want Serious Sam 4 had one thing else to supply in between battles. With the fights forcing you into all-out struggle so typically, most classes I felt like I used to be able to name it a day after a single mission.

Overall, Serious Sam 4 is a profitable synthesis of the sequence’ disparate identities, with humor to spare and jaw-dropping large-scale battles. But technical points, drained tropes and a scarcity of gameplay selection make it only a stable basis quite than a brand new pinnacle for Croteam.

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