Next Dungeons & Dragons book will be a whimsical romp in the feywild

The subsequent Dungeons & Dragons marketing campaign book will be titled The Wild Beyond The Witchlight, and be printed on Sept. 21. Publisher Wizards of the Coast guarantees extra data throughout D&D Live, a particular two-day occasion hosted by G4.

D&D has been on a huge upswing in recognition with its fifth version ruleset, which launched in 2014 with the Player’s Handbook. That streak has been significantly sizzling with its previous couple of choices. Candlekeep Mysteries is a wonderful anthology of quick, single sitting adventures crafted by an awfully numerous solid of writers. That was adopted up by Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, which reboots the traditional horror setting from the 1990s. We known as it “the biggest, best D&D book of this generation.”

A panther on a white background, decorative flourishes announcing their arrival.

A particular alternate cowl will be accessible at pleasant native recreation shops.
Image: Hydro74/Wizards of the Coast

Coming on the heels of these standout titles, all eyes are on The Wild Beyond The Witchlight to set the tone for the recreation’s future. Wizards has assigned precept story designer Chris Perkins to be the story lead. While Wizards isn’t offering any particulars as to what’s inside, it has confirmed its hand typically in the previous via its Unearthed Arcana sequence of early playtest supplies. A brand new packet, launched in May, was titled Folk of the Feywild. It consists of pattern guidelines for enjoying as a Fairy, a Hobgoblin, an Owlfolk, and a Rabbitfolk.

Fans can anticipate extra bulletins daily day this week, which Wizards is dubbing the Week of Legend Lore.

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