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What is Honey and What is it Used For

Typically, Honey is used as the first ingredient to craft Mead based mostly recipes equivalent to Frost Resistance, Poison Resistance, and Stamina based mostly potions.

Alternatively, whereas it is not essentially really useful, honey can be eaten to regain a small quantity of Health Points and Stamina, nevertheless, the enhance is kind of brief and you’ll need to eat a moderately massive amount so as to maintain going.

At this stage, Honey is at the moment used to craft the next gadgets:

Where to Find Honey

In order to get your arms on some honey you’ll need to first discover some beehives, which might sometimes be discovered within the deserted buildings which can be positioned inside the Meadows, Black Forest, and Swamp biomes. Once you may have discovered a beehive, ensure that you aren’t getting too shut because the bees will swarm must you upset them. While it’s doable to destroy the beehives together with your sword or axe, we discovered that capturing the beehive with a bow and arrow was the most secure means to destroy it.

Getting stung by bee’s is not any enjoyable as their toxic sting can have you avoiding them in any respect price.Upon destroying the beehive you’ll obtain honey, together with the probably of a Queen Bee. Should you obtain a Queen Bee, you may achieve the power to craft your individual beehives to create a honey farm.

Unfortunately, beehives are all based mostly round luck and they aren’t all the time assured to spawn inside each deserted constructing or drop a Queen Bee. So the method of initially discovering honey could be a fairly lengthy and slightly irritating.


How to Craft a Beehive and Farm Honey

Now that you’ve got obtained a Queen Bee, it is time to return to your base and make a begin on constructing your individual honey farm. To craft a Beehive you’ll firstly want a Workbench close by, in addition to x10 Wood and x1 Queen Bee.

When inserting beehives, you’ll need to be certain that you give each enough area as so as to produce honey, they’ll want to be blissful. It can also be believed that in case you are constructing a fence round your Beehive farm, make certain to maintain the fence away a brief distance away from the fence line as this has at instances induced the bees to develop into sad. You can verify their present happiness standing all through the day whereas hovering over the hive.

Much like different buildings, creatures equivalent to Greydwarfs will probably be attracted to Beehives, so undoubtedly think about inserting a fence round them so as to maintain them protected.

How Long Do Beehives Take to Produce Honey

Beehives will take roughly 20 minutes to produce a single piece of honey and can storage upwards of four at a single time, so make certain to verify them fairly continuously to keep away from leaving them full.

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