Escape From Tarkov dev teases new urban map, new armored vehicle

Battlestate Games, the developer behind the hardcore survival shooter Escape From Tarkov, is teasing a new map referred to as Streets of Tarkov. A new residential part was proven Thursday throughout the Summer Game Fest hosted by Geoff Keighley. The trailer additionally launched a completely practical armored personnel provider.

Tarkov is a session-based sport first introduced in 2016. In it, gamers tackle the function of personal navy contractors trapped in an remoted Eastern European warfare zone. Caught in between are the scavs, a calmly armed group of civilians preventing for survival. Tarkov is exclusive for quite a few causes, together with its refined ballistics mannequin and its high-stakes, winner-takes-all looting mechanics. The sport stays in an prolonged beta testing interval, and is among the many hottest video games on Twitch.

Thursday’s trailer represents a giant change for gamers, who’ve spent the previous few years transferring via largely rural and industrial settings. The trialer confirmed one other vaguely European setting with slim streets and a number of flooring to cowl on strategy. Interior settings included house buildings, deserted daycare facilities, parking garages and retail areas.

“Compared to the previous trailer, this one for the first time showcases the fierce combat between PMCs in an urban environment in the big residential complex Concordia,” mentioned Dmitri Ogorodnikov, head of public relations for Battlestate Games, in an electronic mail to Polygon. “[It shows a] never shown before part of huge Streets of Tarkov location. The map has been in development for almost a year and a half, and now this new trailer features the destructibility of some objects in the game as well as some objects physics. And of course — the mysterious appearance of the armored personnel carrier!”

Ogorodnikov informed Polygon that followers ought to count on further info on June 13, when Nikit Buyanov — head of Battlestate Games — will give further info throughout the Twitch Gaming Gathering present.

Tarkov has had a reasonably confrontational relationship with each its fandom and streaming platform holders previously. An investigation by Polygon revealed that Battlestate has knowingly and repeatedly used the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to censor critics on YouTube. In 2019, the corporate’s Twitch channel was suspended when an worker pointed an actual gun to his head throughout a livestream and pulled the set off, feigning a suicide try. The channel was finally reinstated.

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